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Calories in Amaretto Liqueur

Calories in Amaretto liqueur would depend on the serving size. Most bar pours of Amaretto liqueur are 1.5 oz. Calories in a shot of Amaretto liqueur are approximately 120 kcal. Unfortunately, US laws do not require the labeling of nutritional content on alcoholic drinks. Nevertheless, it is common knowledge that Amaretto is not only high in alcohol content (28 percent alcohol or 56 proof) but also has a high sugar and carbohydrate content. Besides this there is not much nutritional value to Amaretto.

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Amaretto cookies calorie content generally depends on the brand and size. The typical 2.5 oz Amaretto cookie has a calorie value of 240 kcal. Amaretto can also be used in cakes, giving it a hint of almond flavor. Calories present in amaretto cakes range from 300 to 465 kcal per serving. There are several recipes for cooking with Amaretto available online. Chestnut Amaretto Soup is one such delectable recipe. You first have to roast the chestnuts on a pan. Then sauté the onions, celery and garlic and add the chestnuts and chicken/vegetable broth to it. Pour in a little amaretto with the nutmeg, cream, salt and pepper. Serve the soup hot and its better enjoyed in the cool winters.

A Simple Recipe:

Amaretto is best used in the classic cocktail called Amaretto sour. The sweet, almond taste of Amaretto is blended with a sour mix to create a light, unusual drink. The recipe for Amaretto sour is amazingly simple. All you need is three shots of Amaretto to one shot of ready-made sour mix (or the juice of half a lemon). Pour this into a shaker filled with ice and mix well. Pour into a cold glass and enjoy. You can also garnish the cocktail with a cherry or some sugar crystals along the rim of the glass. Calories in sour amaretto are 295 kcal per serving.

Using Amaretto in desserts and baking has been a tradition for a long time now. The nutty almond flavor lends itself to many desserts such as biscuits, puddings, cakes, and ice cream. Amaretto can also be used to add flavor to meats such as pork and seafood dishes. If you plan to use Amaretto in any of your recipes, pour with a light hand, as the taste can be fairly strong. Amaretto cookies originated from Italy and are often served with coffee or at teatime.

Interesting Facts:

Amaretto liqueur became famous in the 1980s when cocktails were widely popular and dessert wines were just beginning to catch people’s fancy. Imported into the US in the 1960s, this sweet liqueur has an almond-like flavor and is used in both the preparation of cocktails and desserts. The Disarrono brand of Amaretto liqueur is the oldest and the most popular. Recipes for Amaretto liqueur are closely guarded and the special blend of ingredients, are never revealed.

While Amaretto may have an almond taste and aroma, it surprisingly may not contain any almonds. The base of this drink is actually made up of apricot pits. At times peach or cherry pits may also be used. The oil of these kernels is then blended with alcohol, different fruits, herbs, spices, and brown sugar to make up this tasty drink. Added to this are various spices and flavors. The honey colored Amaretto has a smooth consistency along with a slightly bitter after taste. In fact, the word Amaretto in Italian means ‘slightly bitter’ or ‘somewhat bitter.’

Right from the 80s, Amaretto has been a popular drink at the bars. It can be used as a mixer or drunk neat over ice. The sweetness of Amaretto renders it as a ‘dessert’ liqueur, much along the lines of other liqueurs such as Kahlua and Cointreau. Like these other liqueurs, Amaretto also contains a number of calories.

Submitted on January 16, 2014