Home Remedies For Chest Pain | Treating Chest Cold With Natural Remedies

By | November 12, 2009

Chest Pain Home Remedies For Chest Cough And Acute Pain

Considering that chest pain could be a symptom of a life threatening condition, one would need to be more precise about the kind of chest pain being experienced. Factors like – if the pain is more prominent on a certain side of the chest, or if it seems to be of more intensity after performing a certain activity, or consuming certain types of food will all help correctly identify the underlying cause of the pain.

It must be pointed out that if you are experiencing significant amount of pain, a feeling of crushing, squeezing or pressure in the chest that lasts for a minute or more, you would be best advised to rush yourself to the nearest emergency room for an immediate check up. While most of the time pain in the chest is associated with the heart, the pain can originate from a number of other organs present in the area such as the lungs, the esophagus, skin, bones and even muscle.

Causes Of Chest Pain And Chest Pain Remedies

It is even possible that, as a result of the extremely complex nerve distribution in the human body, the pain actually originates from some completely distant area of the body. Heart attacks are probably the most common and dangerous causes of pain in the chest. It is caused when the blood flow to the arteries that supply the heart is blocked. The resulting decrease in blood flow prevents the heart from receiving the required amount of oxygen – thereby causing deterioration, damage and even death of the heart muscle.

Angina is another serious medical condition that causes pain in the chest. It is caused by an imbalance between the amounts of oxygen required by the heart and the amount that is actually being received. This varies from a heart attack as the arteries are still not completely blocked off and it causes very little or no permanent damage to the heart. The presence of a pulmonary embolism, which is a blood clot in one of the major blood vessels, could be the root cause of the chest pain. While not associated with the heart, it could be a life threatening condition.

The best way to treat the condition is to have a medical test conducted to identify the cause of pain. Once this has been done, direct treatment of the condition will also reduce the occurrence of its symptoms including chest pain. However, consuming a healthier diet will prove significantly helpful. You could also try boiling a few pods of garlic in some milk and drink the concoction on a daily basis to avoid chest pain.