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Obesity is one of the most common conditions all over the world and is even considered to be a pandemic in some countries around the globe. Before getting into the details of the best diet plans to help a person lose weight, it is important to understand and get a grasp of the various factors that play a prominent role in the development of the condition in the first place. While some people can point to hereditary and other factors that are out of their control as the main reason for the condition, most cases will actually see an unhealthy lifestyle being the primary concern. Because of the fact that most of us lead such hectic and busy lifestyles, we don’t really have the time to prepare a nice, healthy meal, but instead indulge in the convenience of fast food such as hot dogs and burgers. Not only do these foods distinctly lack any of the nutrition, minerals or vitamins that your body requires to perform efficiently, they also contain substantial amounts of empty calories that serve no other purpose in the body apart from adding to the fatty tissue within the body.
Moreover, the fact that we are increasingly reliant on new technology, machinery and computer operated systems to be able to carry out the tasks that used to previously require hard manual labor to accomplish only means that our body’s are not really demanded to perform as much physical activity as they used to, thereby also meaning that the amount of calories we burn as a regular part of our day has substantially decreased. So a combination of an unhealthy intake of food as well as a distinct lack of exercise is more often than not the one to blame when it comes to obesity. While the most obvious effect that obesity has on a person is the adverse effect it has on his or her aesthetic appeal, the more serious concerns actually develop under the radar and only come to prominence once the condition has progressed to such an extent that any treatment is not likely to completely eradicate the problem. Some of the more serious concerns that develop along with obesity include heart failure, respiratory illness and blood pressure. One should also not ignore the amount of discomfort that an obese person is likely to experience on a regular basis as a result of the knee and joint pain that is the result of the added weight being placed on the individual’s joints.

The best diet plans that help lose weight will generally require the individual to make sure not only that he or she starts consuming the right kinds of foods, but also make sure that the body gets the right amount of exercise over the course of the day. As a rule, the best diet plans state that to lose a single pound of fat, you are required to burn an additional 3200 calories over and above what you burn on a regular basis, every single week.  The best healthy diet plans and best healthy diets will require you to make sure that you consume an assortment of fresh vegetable and fruits to ensure that your body gets the required amount of vitamins, calories and minerals to ensure perfect functioning. Identifying the best diet snacks is an important part of our busy lives, so it is highly recommended that you consult your local dietician to get information about the local products when it comes to the best diet snacks as well as the best diet menus that can blend into your lifestyle with utmost ease. Keep in mind that the best foods to lose weight are generally the simplest to prepare such as salads and fruit platters.

The best diet plan is one that suits the specific requirements of the individual’s body. This is one major reason why there is no exact diet plan that works for all people. Every individual is different when it comes to the metabolic functions of his or her body as well as the amount of energy that is expended during the day. For this reason, the best diet plan differs from case to case. One way of determining the best diet plan for an individual is to choose a target weight. Studies have determined what level of calorie intake is needed to support a particular body weight that is chosen as ideal. Once one has this calorie figure, one should consume healthy, fresh and natural foods that provide these many calories. In this way one will be exposing the body to plenty of vitamins and minerals that are needed for good health. The best diet plan for men and women is almost identical. The only normal assumption made is the fact that men tend to need a little more energy than women. This is not always true for all men; some men tend to have desk based jobs that require little or no physical effort. When following the best diet plan for women, one will notice that the body systems tend to function more efficiently. This is what the aim of any good diet plan should be.

Best Diet Plan to Lose Weight

Weight loss occurs when the individual spends more energy than he or she consumes. This can be achieved either by reducing the consumption of food or by increasing the level of exercise. What is ideal is to balance out these changes so that the individual partially moderates his or her diet while adding exercise and physical activity to the daily routine. This combination of the best diet plan to lose weight and exercise will lead to healthy, long lasting weight loss. Another important aspect of the best diet plan to lose weight is the fact that it does not lead to the starvation of the body. Apart from calories, the body will continue to be fed with a healthy supply of proteins, vitamins and minerals. One cannot endure a starvation diet for long periods of time as this will cause health problems simply because vital body systems like the brain, the heart and the lungs will not be nourished properly. Instead, a balanced diet is one that should be followed based on which exercise can be used for weight loss.

Best Diet Plan for Diabetics

Diabetes is a condition where the body is unable to control its blood sugar levels. This lack of control occurs because sugar that has been absorbed into the blood stream from the digestive system is not efficiently absorbed into the cells of the body that need sugar for energy production. Over time this leads to excess sugar being present in the blood, something that will damage the vital organs of the body. The best diet plan for diabetics is therefore one that does not overload the body with sugar. Instead, sugar must be available from foods that gradually release it rather than suddenly. Apart from sugar moderation, the best diet plan for diabetes is similar to what one would consider to be good for people who have normal sugar control. The diet must therefore feature plenty of nutritional variety. This will ensure that vital requirements of vitamins and minerals are met. The best diet for diabetes will be one that is permanently adjusted to suit the changing requirements of the individual. Blood sugar levels are often tested daily to ensure that there is stability with respect to this. Diabetics will suffer from catastrophic health problems if they have extremely high blood sugar for sustained periods of time. For this reason, the body must be monitored at all times. In many cases, a shift to a healthy diet will reduce the severity of the individual’s diabetic condition. This is because the body will be healthier and will thus be able to function more efficiently. The best diet for diabetes is therefore even more important as it gives the individual a chance to partially recover from the condition.
Submitted on June 7, 2011