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Best Diet for Men

The nutritional needs of men are slightly different from that of women. While women require special nutrients to protect themselves from osteoporosis, men need to take care of their prostrate with the help of certain nutrients. There are different food plans to alleviate sex-specific health issues. Men also tend to keep stress bottled inside and are prone to suffer from high stress levels. Just as in women, a poor diet plan is one of the causes of heart disease in men.

On an average the signs of heart disease are seen at least 10 to 20 years earlier in men as compared to women.
So which is the best diet for men? Is it a low carbs or a low fat plan? Most men are not in favor of any type of diet as it would mean they have to control what they eat. Those who do go in for a specific plan chose a diet plan based on what is popular at any given time. The best diet for men is the one that helps him lose weight the healthy way. Men may have to try out both types of plans to figure out what works for them and what plan would suit their lifestyle. Irrespective of what diet they choose, they need to make sure that healthy eating and regular exercise are a part of any best diet plan for men. The best diet for men to lose weight should not be followed on a temporary basis but needs to be long term. Be clear in your mind as to why you want to lose weight. Is it because you want to look good, improve your self esteem or for health reasons? Having a focus will ensure that you lose weight.

Best Food for Men's Weight Loss

Another thing you need to do is be mentally prepared for any changes your plan might demand. The best diet plan for men is not going to work if you do not make changes in your lifestyle. So try and avoid eating out at your favorite restaurant especially in the earlier stages of diet change. This early stage is the most difficult and it is important that you establish a set pattern.

The best weight loss diet for men should include foods such as tomatoes which help prevent prostrate cancer, seafood that is high in zinc and protein and improves his prostrate health, broccoli that helps prevent heart disease and cancer, fish that is helpful for heart health and lowers the risk of prostrate cancer and other foods which help men get healthier. No matter what best diet plan you may follow make sure you set realistic goals for yourself. Set a goal of about two lbs weight loss per week. It’s great losing weight quickly, but such weight loss is not healthy. You end up burning muscle instead of fat. This in turn slows down your metabolism rate and makes it all the more difficult to lose weight on a long term.

If you find it difficult to follow any best diet plan for men, simply try and eat a healthy and well balanced diet. Your meal should contain:

•    Some amount of protein such as fish, lean meats, soy foods and pulses
•    Some carbohydrates which could include potatoes, bread, rice and pasta
•    Fats that are got from seeds, nuts, and oils
•    Ample amounts of fruits and vegetables

Combine these foods with simple exercise plans and see the difference. Exercise will not only help you burn off the extra calories but will also help keep you fit and well-toned. Exercising also helps increase your metabolic rate and helps you lose weight easily.

Weight loss is achieved when the body spends more energy than it consumes. When this is the case, the body has to burn fat to produce the balance energy that is missing from the diet. One can do this using a starvation type diet where the food consumed is minimal. However, this is unhealthy as it literally leads to the death of cells in the body because of improper nutrition. One also cannot function at full efficiency when one is on such a diet. Instead, the best diet for men is one that provides plenty of nutritional variety without adding too much fat. When it comes to weight loss, the individual must consume a diet that supports the weight level that he wishes to achieve. Once this has been established, one must also focus on physical exercise to help with weight loss. Even the best diet for men for weight loss will not be effective as long as the individual remains sedentary and does not exercise. When exercise is performed, the effectiveness of the best diet for men for weight loss will increase many times over. One additional benefit of exercise is the fact that both respiration and blood circulation tend to improve. When this happens, the efficiency with which food is digested as well as used in the body is improved. This is of crucial importance to the health of the individual. It is important to know that fat is one of the vital components of the diet. People who consume insufficient amounts of fat will not be healthy. However, one should also balance this by not consuming too much fat. Cholesterol is also important for good health. Yet, one cannot consume too much bad cholesterol as this will raise the risk of heart trouble and circulation issues. A general rule of thumb is to ensure that the calorie requirements of the body are met using fresh, natural foods. If one can substitute a snack with a fruit or vegetable based snack then the process of weight loss will speed up. Similarly, one should ensure that meals are consumed at regular times during the day so that the body is able to process its food efficiently. The ideal diet for men would be about twenty percent heavier than the diet needed for a woman of a similar body size. That being said, physical activity is one of the important determining factors. People who work in desk jobs tend to put on weight simply because they do not burn enough energy. Thus, one needs to balance one’s dietary requirements with the actual state of the body. A failure to do this is what sees most people end up with excessive body weight. Diet moderation and physical exercise therefore go hand in hand. Good health is virtually guaranteed when an individual is able to manage both these areas.

Submitted on January 16, 2014