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Aerobic Weight Training

What does aerobic weight training mean? I would appreciate any information on this weight training exercise.
(November 10, 2010)

Aerobic Weight Training

Aerobics weight training involves lifting light weights at heavier speeds. Aerobic exercises are continuous and elevate blood pressure and one’s heart rate. The most popular form of aerobic weight training is circuit training. In circuit training, programs are created in which several machines (or stations) are used along with lighter weights. A circuit training program is one where the person moves from one station to the next, lifting weights all the while for a particular length of time.

It is advisable to do this aerobic weight training two to three times a week as part of a weight lifting and cardiovascular routine. Such a regime can be done either at home or in a gym.  Aerobic weight training has often been associated with women’s fitness but now men have also realized the benefits of such training.

At times, aerobic weight training may not involve the use of weights. Circuit training programs may use resistance instead of weights. Positive and negative muscle burn is achieved with resistance. Keep in mind that is it is advisable to consult a medical professional before starting any kind of exercise program. A combination of weight training and aerobics is advised if you are interested in weight loss. Both these exercises complement each other and help to provide a longer healthier life. Remember that these routines should be implemented with careful planning.

Aerobic exercises or cardiovascular exercises help to strengthen your cardiovascular system. These exercises target your blood vessels, heart and lungs. Aerobic exercises also help to increase the efficiency of the oxygen system of your body. If you are a beginner and just starting with aerobic exercises, start with exercises that have low intensity. Aerobic exercise workouts have many benefits. These include flexibility, burning fat and so on. Intensity is an important part of an aerobic workout. It is essential to exercise with a program that has the right intensity for you. An aerobic exercise workout plan should have three parts: warming up, comprehensive and the cooling down part. The first part is necessary for stretching and loosening muscles and should last for about 20 minutes. The second part should include various types of aerobic exercises. This should continue for about half an hour. The last part includes cooling down exercises which should last for 20 minutes. The different aerobic exercise routines you can try are walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, water aerobics, step aerobics and cycling.

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Aerobic Weight Training

Aerobic exercise lowers the heart rate and blood pressure. It increases the maximal oxygen consumption, thereby improving the cardiovascular function. The blood supply to the muscles are increased and thereby the ability to use oxygen. Blood volume and the capacity to carry oxygen is enhanced. The maximal stroke volume and maximal cardiac output are increased. The workload on the heart is decreased for any intensity of the exercise. The blood triglycerides are decreased. The HDL cholesterol level increases. Body fat is reduced and weight control is improved. The threshold for accumulation of lactic acid is increased. It improves the appearance.

Aerobics, such as bicycle helps in pedalling away from the ground, thereby preventing the joints from any impact or injury. They are low impact activities and are performed for longer duration. Aerobics or cardio exercises increases the lung and heart capacity. This thereby enhances the number of blood vessels. This increases the amount of oxygen and nutrients delivered to the target cell. This also increases the waste product elimination from the body. Aerobics also enhances the strength of performance, both physically and psychologically. It helps in overcoming the lactic acid burning resulting in fatigue. Aerobics stimulate endorphins, which increases the stamina of athletes.

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