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I need help on Recipes. Can some one please answer?
(April 11, 2008)

healthy Recipes Tips  

You need help on which kind of recipes? There are various recipes available under the sun and each of them varies depending on the requirement of a person. If a person is obese or underweight the same recipe will vary accordingly. Similarly if a person is a youth then he would enjoy more delicious recipes which excite his taste buds where as if a person is aged then he would enjoy simpler and easily chewable recipes. Also a recipe would vary according to a person's caloric requirement and condition, for instance a pregnant lady would choose a recipe which is high in protein, iron, folic acid and calcium as these are some of the nutrients which gain importance during pregnancy.

A recipe would also vary according to a meal for example a breakfast recipe may not be ideal for lunch and a dessert recipe may not be ideal for breakfast. Food availability, ethnic and religious background is also very important before planning any recipe as certain food item like some pulse or some fruit might not be available in all the parts of the world. Similarly if a person believes in Buddhism then he would not prefer non-vegetarian foods or even garlic and onion in the recipes. 

Submitted by S M on April 11, 2008 at 06:39


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