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At Home Tips for Baldness Treatment

Submitted by Loring A. Windblad on December 29, 2009

Cure Your Baldness Yourself - At Home Tips For Baldness Treatment

Baldness is a concern for both sexes although it is usually more prominent and talked about in men. With most males, a growing bald spot visible just at the crown is quite alarming since it keeps growing. A man thinning both at that spot as well as at the temples is a common sight. Female pattern baldness is typically quite distinct from what is known as male pattern baldness. Do bear in mind that baldness is, among other things, hereditary.

This means that genetics has a very, very strong role to play in how and when one’s hair starts to recede.

This is why men often begin the process of balding as young as in their early twenties. At the same time, environment too contributes to baldness in men and women.

The time it takes to grow completely bald or even the extent of baldness varies from person to person. Remember that such balding could be attributable to other causes like reaction to certain medication as well as a major or prolonged illness. In a few cases, something like tremendously stressful events could be the leading cause of such hair loss.

With male pattern baldness, it is dihydrotestosterone (DHT) sensitivity which causes the problem due to heredity.

While a number of remedies for baldness, such as application of coconut milk, have been used, they might not work for everyone. Aloe vera gel has been used for everything from a veritable skin cure to treating damaged hair.

The gel seems to be able to help with hair loss as it truly is versatile. When it comes to diet, green tea is typically hailed for its benefits in stemming baldness. With regards to essential oil, hair loss is typically treated with oils such as patchouli.

Keep in mind that rough treatment will only lead to damaged hair and more hair fall. This is why one should always treat remaining hair with respect and tenderness. Rough toweling or pulling the comb intolerantly through knots can make things worse for you. Hair is typically most vulnerable when it is still sodden. This is one of the worst times to be impatient with one’s hair. Remember that baldness is perfectly natural and you can even sport a bald look these days without anyone batting an eyelid. Instead of hiding impending baldness behind scarves and wigs, you can always embrace it. In addition to the home treatments for hair fall, you can talk to your doctor about alternative treatments
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