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Bone Issues In Women

Submitted by Loring A. Windblad on December 18, 2009

Help Older Women Build Better Spinal Bone Density  

As people advance in age, one of the things that worry them most is the onset of osteoporosis that is caused by a change in density of the bones. With the onset of osteoporosis, the bones tend to get brittle and can break at the slightest impact. After women go through the phase of menopause, their body lacks estrogen, which is necessary for increased density of the bones.

In order to supplement this, they begin to take calcium supplements, which are helpful to a certain extent. However, they are unaware of the fact that the body also needs magnesium and other nutrients that will help to assimilate the calcium into the bones, thereby strengthening them.


Numerous health professionals have recommended that strength training in post menopausal women is extremely essential in maintaining high levels of bone density. A training session that is followed regularly for approximately a year can help to increase spinal bone density up to approximately nine percent. It has also been found that women who did not follow any pattern of exercise whatsoever, showed a decrease in the density of their bones, leaving them more susceptible to fractures and damage of the skeletal system.

Natural methods of increasing bone density include sitting in the sun for at least fifteen minutes each day. When the suns rays beat against the skin, it produces vitamin D within the body, which helps to increase bone density and avoid osteoporosis. Magnesium is very beneficial in helping to strengthen and increase the mass of bones.

Peanut butter is known to contain high levels of magnesium and must be added to the diet to increase bone density.

Vinegar helps to absorb calcium in the bones and the addition of vinegar to salads is recommended for the same purpose. Tofu and soy milk products are a supplement for estrogen and consumption of the same will help post menopausal women to increase density of the spinal bone. Apples are one of the most beneficial fruit known to man for their ability to provide the body with the vitamins and nutrition required for all round good health.

Apples contain boron, a mineral which helps the body to retain the calcium that it already has, and are therefore recommended for consumption in order to strengthen spinal bone density. Onions slow down the deterioration of bones in the body and should be added to salads and other foods. Adding onion to the diet helps to maintain bone density to a certain extent and avoid osteoporosis.
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