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How to Clean your Kitchen?

Submitted by Loring A. Windblad on December 17, 2009

Tips For Cleaning Kitchen Platform In No Time

Cleaning a kitchen platform is necessary to ensure that your family is protected from contaminated food. A dirty kitchen platform could lead to contamination of food that is to be consumed, further leading to an illness or ailment of the digestive system.

Since the kitchen platform is used for all the basic requirements of preparation of food, it should be kept clean at all times. One of the best recommended methods of cleaning a kitchen platform is wiping it down with a cloth dipped in vinegar. The acidic content of the vinegar cleans and removes all grime that accumulates on the platform.

Similarly, cleaning your stove with a cloth dipped in vinegar removes all spill stains and leaves your stove shining.

A few drops of rose water and lime juice added to the water you will be using to wipe down your kitchen platform will not only keep it clean, but also give it a pleasant fragrance. Droplets of water should be wiped dry because if they are ignored, they will tend to leave stains that give your kitchen platform a dull look.

Stagnant water also encourages the growth of germs.

Before using the kitchen platform to cut and chop your vegetables or meat, it is important that you wipe it down again with a wet cloth. All dust particles that are present on the kitchen platform will be removed through this exercise.

After having completed the cutting of vegetables and meat, it is important that you wipe down your kitchen platform once more, to avoid lizards, cockroaches and other insects that could be harmful. When cleaning your kitchen platform, you will soon realize that there are certain sections of the platform that tend to get cluttered more often than most other areas. Spending a few minutes each day on re-settling these cluttered areas will help to keep your kitchen platform clean and orderly.


Citronella oil, extracted from the leaves of the citronella plant has a fragrance that is found to be pleasant to the human nose. However, insects cannot stand the scent that is emitted by the oil, and it is therefore recommended for use in wiping down your kitchen platform and cabinets. Once you have wiped down your kitchen platform with cloth dipped in a mixture of warm water and citronella oil, you will notice that many insects along with cockroaches and lizards stay away from the area, keeping your platform free from these pests.
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