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What to eat when sick

It can be a challenge to eat healthy when you are sick. Most people also have no idea what to eat when sick. Chronic ailments such as arthritis, cancer and depression tend to adversely affect the appetite. Many people also experience nausea which prevents them from eating. Fatigue due to illness can also leave you too tired to cook or go shopping for groceries.

Good nutrition is difficult to get when you are coping with a disease or sickness. But this can prove to be dangerous for the health. The body requires its daily requirement of vitamins and minerals. This requirement is all the more important when you are sick. Learning to make smart choices with regard to food will help to provide you with the nutrition you require without causing too much exertion. This article attempts to provide you with some helpful tips about what to eat when you’re sick.

The body needs protein during times of sickness. Protein is necessary for cell repair. It also helps to prevent the body from losing muscle mass. The healing ability of the body and fluid balance is also maintained through the adequate intake of protein. Some valuable sources of protein include chicken, fish, lamb and lean beef. Cheese and eggs are sources of animal protein that are easily digested. Vegetarians may find it difficult to get adequate protein. There is protein contained in many vegetables but one has to consume large amounts of these vegetables in order to fulfill the body’s protein requirements. Some important non-animal protein sources include nuts, beans and soy products. A simple way to add more protein to the diet is to consume almond or peanut butter. For those who are unable to receive sufficient protein, high-protein supplements may be prescribed such as protein drinks. There is also powdered protein which can be added to any type of food. In times of sickness, one may actually need to increase the amount of calories they consume. The body needs more calories because it works harder when you are sick. This may prove to be a challenge since sickness tends to lower the appetite. Weight loss can aggravate sickness since it contributes to weakness and exhaustion. It can also interfere with the medication. People who tend to lose weight during treatment will benefit from boosting their protein intake. However it is advisable to consult a doctor before making any changes to the diet.

Fiber is also essential for the body during sickness. It helps to regulate the bowel movements and reduces the risk of diabetes and intestinal problems. Fiber can be obtained from whole grains such as whole wheat bread. Fruits and vegetables also help to add fiber to the diet. People with diarrhea or those who are taking certain medications may need to reduce fiber intake since it can lead to bloating. Vitamin and mineral supplements may also be prescribed to people who are sick. However the aim should be to obtain these nutrients from whole foods. The best recipes for sick people are soups since they are easily digestible and supply vital nutrients to the body. A variety of vegetables may be added to soups. Chicken soup is the most popular meal for sick people. It relieves congestion and provides fluid to the body. It is very helpful especially for people with cold or flu. An important point to remember is that healthy eating also influences the effectiveness of the treatment. You are likely to experience more severe side effects when you do not eat well. In case symptoms such as nausea or pain are too overwhelming, you may consult your doctor about the intake of medications that will help to control these symptoms.

Submitted on January 16, 2014