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Vegetarian Diet Plan

A vegetarian diet plan or a vegetarian meal plan may be of different types which can vary from one that may include only fruits, nuts, vegetables and beans on one hand and on the other may include milk, eggs and cheese. The vegan diet plan is also followed by individuals as part of a weight loss plan a vegetarian weight loss plan is low in cholesterol and fat which in turn also results in the reduction of the occurrence of disease such as cancer and even heart problems. However those  who intend on strictly following a vegetarian menu plan for a long period of time should also remember that they will be missing out on certain essential vitamins and minerals in the long run which cannot be provided by only vegetables or related foods. The key to following a  vegetarian diet plan successfully is to plan what one will be eating for every meal so that one is able to cover all the required nutrients within the given food options as permitted by the vegan diet plan. One of the primary benefits of a vegetarian menu plan is that it involves healthy servings of vegetables and fruits well as whole grains.

The main challenge on following a vegan diet is to get a sufficient intake of protein as demanded by the body, hence one may want to add some soy to the diet as it is known to have a high content of protein, Similarly a sample vegetarian diet plan will also include plenty of beans and spinach which are excellent sources of iron as one will not be able to get iron from other known sources such as roast beef and liver while following a vegetarian diet plan.
Vegan diet plan

Those on a vegan diet may also be required to supplement their diet as advised by the dietician with some vitamins so as to ensure that they have an adequate intake of calcium, zinc, vitamin D and B12.Thsoe following a vegetarian diet plan that allows eggs should remember to eat them in moderation as eggs are rich in cholesterol. The key to a successful vegetarian diet plan which may be taken up for weight loss or for health benefits is persistence and determination to follow the diet and to thereby achieve the desired results.

Those who plan on taking up a vegetarian diet plan should immediately identify vegetarian or vegan restaurants in their neighborhood which they may visit anytime they decide to eat out so that they don’t get tempted to eat elsewhere and jeopardize their diet. One should also make sure that they stock up on lentils and beans while going on a vegetarian diet as they are a very good source of iron, protein, fiber and other such nutrients which are essential for the maintenance of overall good health in the individual. This is true especially for women going on a vegan diet plan as they are more prone to anemia arising out of a deficiency or iron. Nowadays there are plenty of ethnic foods that use beans and lentils as a filling and tasty combination in a variety of their recipes.

If the vegetarian diet does not allow one to have dairy or milk products then one should substitute them with tofu, soy, molasses, orange juice fortified with calcium and also plenty of dark green vegetables as calcium is essential for the development and maintenance of strong and healthy teeth and bones. Water also plays an important role in a vegetarian diet plan as it is required to get the body running at peak performance levels and also to ensure that no nutrients or energy is wasted.


Submitted on January 16, 2014