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How GM Diet Works

Many fad diets have become popular with people around the world, for various reasons. While some diets may be easy to follow, others may bring about instant results and some may actually have long term benefits. Some of the diets are also believed to combine all such traits, the General Motors Diet being one of them. This is probably why this diet plan has become very popular with people all over the world, even though it was originally designed for the General Motors employees and their families. It is believed that if the diet is followed correctly, it can enable a person to lose anywhere between 10 and 17 pounds, within the span of one week.
The designers of this diet also claim that apart from weight loss, there are several other benefits of the GM diet, as it has a cleansing effect on the body and improves a person’s moods, attitude and emotions too. Moreover, this diet advises people to eat as much as they want to make sure that they do not go hungry during any part of the day. This is probably why many people tend to wonder “does the gm diet work” when they hear about it.

Does the general motors diet work?

One of the most commonly asked questions by most weight watchers who hear about the diet for the first time is “does the gm diet work?”. In addition to that, different people have seen varying results after following this diet. For example, some women have managed to lose weigh and keep it off, but others claim that they regained all the weight they lost, soon after they went back to their regular eating habits. There are some people who also claim to have experience a few adverse gm diet effects, such as weakness, dizziness and fatigue.

However, people who ask "does the gm diet work”, should realize that every diet has its dos and don’ts and for a diet to be successful, these need to be followed carefully.  Given below are some of the ground rules that need to be followed by dieters following the GM diet plan:

• Drinking at least 10 glasses of water
• Avoiding alcohol completely till the end of the diet
• Food should be eaten at regular intervals during the day
• Beverages like black tea and coffee (unsweetened) can be consumed during the day. On the last day, sugarless fruit juice is also permitted.

How the gm diet works is that it restricts the intake of certain foods, which cause a person to gain weight. However, the food choices are peculiar and therefore, it cannot be regarded as a long term lifestyle change. Therefore, those people who want to known “does the gm diet work” should look at is as a short term weight loss option.

Submitted on January 17, 2014