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Cane Juice contains vitamin B2 riboflavin

Every person has a desire to eat something sweet at one point or the other. The solution for this should definitely not be refined sugar when healthy substitutes like evaporated cane juice is available. When refined sugar or over processed food consumption is increased than the desired level, it is significantly associated with various deliberating health conditions like obesity, diabetes, cancer and heart disease. The solution should not be artificial sweeteners as well, as they are also associated with some negative health effects which can be even worst than refined sugar. These side effects may include severe headaches, gastrointestinal problems, poor concentration or even cancer.

Evaporated cane sugar juice is made from the sugar cane juice that is first pressed from the sugarcane stalk. Cane juice is considered a good source of riboflavin along with other nutrients. It is a natural sweetener which is healthier than sugar as it is around 50% less processed. It can be successfully used as a substitute for refined sugar as more nutrients from sugarcane are retained in it as it is less refined. It has a light golden color and is available in powdered or fine granulated form all round the year. Evaporated cane sugar syrup provides full sweetness and imparts a mild sugarcane flavor. As it can be used as a sweetening agent in many foods and beverages including baking and cooking it is considered more wholesome and is included in healthy sugar alternative. It is also known as milled cane sugar or dried cane sugar or crystallized cane juice or direct consumption sugar. In Europe it is specially known as unrefined sugar.

Evaporated cane syrup posses a natural flavor and aroma of cane syrup derived from the juice of a sugar cane. As it has liquid invert syrup, it is easier for the manufacturers to handle compared to other granulated sugars. Although evaporated cane juice is available in different varieties that can vary in texture and form they share common characteristics of darker shade in all the varieties.

  1. Milled cane – have a mild molasses flavor with golden colored small grained crystals.
  2. Muscovado – it is a very fine textured crystal sugar with a distinctive flavor of molasses.
  3. Demerara – they have slightly sticky coarse grained crystals that are golden in color with a noticeable molasses flavor. As it has a sparkling appearance and a crunchy texture it is used as a topping for cakes, cookies, muffins and other desserts. 
Submitted on January 16, 2014