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Fruit Shakes

Fruit shakes are easy to prepare at home and can be had for breakfast, as a snack or even for dessert. They can be prepared according to individual diet needs and provide great nutritional benefits to the body. Fruit shakes are great for people suffering from diabetes, various other allergies and also those who are strict vegetarians. Frozen fruits are best for fruit shakes as they give them a nice creamy texture without adding extra calories. You can use options like low fat milk, skimmed milk, soya milk, rice milk or even plain water to make delicious fruit shakes.
Milk provides the creaminess while fruit juices can be used to add sweetness instead of sugar. In addition, instead of using conventional sugar, you can use honey, chopped dates or even raisins to sweeten your shakes. Fruits are great sources of vitamins and fiber which help in boosting the body’s metabolism and also accelerate weight loss. Fruits like blueberries contain antioxidants which help in fighting and preventing various ailments and disorders. Fruits also provide essential carbohydrates which help in boosting energy and also weight loss. On the other hand, milk used in fruit shakes provides calcium, proteins and essential fats which are important to maintain healthy bones and joints. There are numerous fruit shakes recipes that are easy to follow and take only minutes to prepare. Some of the best ones are as follows:
  • A tropical fruit shake can be made by blending 2 cups of water, ½ a mango, ½ a banana, 2 tablespoons of coconut extract or pina colada mix, 4 frozen strawberries and 6 ice cubes. You can also use protein powder and flax oil in addition to these ingredients.
  • A banana strawberry smoothie can be prepared by combining 1 frozen banana, 6 frozen strawberries, 1 ¼ cup of water and 1 tablespoon of skimmed milk powder in a blender.
  • Blending a cup of soymilk, 1 frozen banana and a few dashes of chocolate syrup gives you a delicious chocolate banana smoothie.
  • Pina colada is a very famous fruit shake which can be prepared by blending a cup of skimmed milk or soymilk, 1-2 teaspoons of shredded coconut, ¼ cup crushed or chopped pineapple and 1 frozen banana.
  • Melon coolers can be prepared by blending a cup of milk or water and 2 cups of watermelon cubes (seeded). This is great especially in warmer weather as it provides good cooling to the body.
Submitted on January 16, 2014