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Healthy Lunch Benefits

Lunch is the commonly accepted term for the mid day meal across the world. While there are different words for it in different languages, the concept remains essentially similar. Lunch is considered to be one of the most important meals of the day. This is because it is assumed, correctly so, that the most amount of physical exertion takes place during the day time. Thus, by providing the body with nutrition, one will ensure that there is plenty of energy available.
The three to five hour gap between breakfast and lunch allows the body to use up the energy resources that have been gained during breakfast. One will therefore begin to feel hungry around lunch time. Over time, conditioning of the body and mind will mean that an individual will automatically begin to feel hungry as lunch time approaches. Even though lunch is universally accepted as a mid day meal, its timings vary in different cultures and geographies. Lunch may be consumed at any time between noon and 4 p.m. This variation is based on cultural differences and also depends on the working hours of the individual. In some areas of the world, work begins earlier than in others. Therefore, lunch time occurs earlier than it does in other countries.

The importance of lunch cannot be overstressed. Lunch is the main meal in the day which is supposed to provide the body with the maximum amount of nutrition. The body tends to function efficiently during the day time. It is also found that most individuals will continue spending energy until the evening time. Therefore, the provision of good nutrition during lunch time will ensure that there is sufficient energy to perform the various tasks that one wishes to perform during the day. Nutrition is also important in terms of the provision of vital vitamins and minerals. These vitamins and minerals provide the body with important nutrients for the performance of various important functions. Studies have shown that brain performance tends to be better in those who have a proper meal rather than those who eat a quick lunch. One of the biggest lunch benefits is that it helps refuel your body for the rest of the day. Therefore lunch is just as important a meal as a good morning breakfast and therefore should not be skipped for any reason. Skipping an important meal like lunch can result in problems like inadequate calorie intake and untimely cravings for food which in turn can lead to binge eating and ultimately weigh gain. People who have a hectic lifestyle generally have an adrenalin rush which can mask the signs of hunger and as a result most working people do not pay enough attention to eating a healthy lunch. It is important to keep in mind that one of the biggest lunch health benefits is that it helps in maintaining blood glucose levels which is essential for the functioning of various cells and organs in the body. Skipping lunch can actually slow down the body’s metabolism and result in a person gaining unnecessary weight. A healthy lunch benefits not just the body but also the mind as it helps an individual remain energized for the rest of the day and thereby gives him the ability to perform his tasks better. Therefore we can say that it is vital to have a healthy lunch in order to rehydrate and replenish the body with the nutrients it requires to function smoothly.

A healthy lunch is most important for the maintenance of the health of the individual. A healthy lunch must include plenty of variety while not providing too many excess nutrients. A broad spread of nutrients will ensure that the individual is properly fed. Since most people consume a working lunch, it is best that the healthy lunch recipe is one that is also easy to carry. A large salad is often preferred as a working lunch as it is easy to store and carry and is also easy to prepare. The options for food items to be added to a salad are virtually endless. One can therefore ensure that the healthy lunch is also tasty. The serving portion in a salad should be fairly large. One can also add protein sources to the salad along with various vegetables and fruits. The consumption of a salad based lunch also ensures that there is enough fiber in the diet. Healthy lunches are usually topped off with a fresh fruit. Apples and bananas are extremely easy to carry and can be eaten during or after lunch. A healthy, balanced lunch can go a long way to improving the individual’s day. It also ensures that the last meal of the day can be lighter. It is now widely believed that a light meal before sleeping is far healthier than a heavy meal before sleep. School lunches are of great importance to the health of the child. Children are always growing which makes it very important that they consume as many nutrients as they can. Of course, some school timings ensure that children return home by lunch time in which case they need to consume a healthy lunch at home. However, school lunches apply to all those students who need to eat at school. In some countries, school lunch is free and supplied by the school itself. This is done to ensure that all the children at the school have access to a decent, healthy lunch every day. Numerous different studies have shown that well fed children tend to perform better in academic pursuits than those who are undernourished.

Lunch Menu

In some cultures, the lunch meal is extremely elaborate and features several courses of food. This type of lunch is usually followed by a period of rest. The term ‘siesta’ that applies to Mediterranean countries refers to a period of sleep after eating lunch. In general, heavier meals are more difficult to digest which is why people tend to feel sleepy after consuming such meals. A business lunch is an event where people meet to discuss business while eating lunch. This is a type of social engagement for businessmen and women which also involves the consumption of food. In most cases, a business lunch is unlikely to be particularly healthy. Business lunches are often served in buffet style allowing an individual to pick and choose whichever food he or she wishes to consume. The concept of work lunches is a modern one associated with big business. Lunch is possibly the most important meal of the day from the point of view of nutrition. It allows an individual to consume plenty of food because he or she has the rest of the day to work it off. Many offices provide lunch in canteens or cafeterias so that their staff does not have to prepare a packed lunch. This type of fresh lunch is likely to be healthier as it is prepared during the day itself. 

A low carb lunch may be needed by an individual who wishes to lose weight. Low carbohydrate intake would mean that the body needs to access fat in order to generate energy. This is a helpful situation for someone who wishes to lose weight. A low carb lunch is especially helpful because it can be used to provide the individual with all the other necessary nutrients while reducing the intake of carbohydrates. This leads to a situation where the individual can lose weight while being healthy. In many cases, people tend to restrict their diets too much in order to lose weight. This is unhealthy and should not be practiced. It is far better to consume a balanced diet where the reductions that are strictly necessary apply.

Calories In Lunch

In the case of adults the total number of recommended calories in lunch would actually depend on how many calories a particular individual requires in an entire day. This will be based on factors like his current weight, health status, lifestyle and the number of meals and snacks he/she eats during the day. Depending on what daily calorie intake an individual decides to follow the total number of lunch calories can be decided accordingly. For example in the case of an individual who is following a 1200 calorie diet plan for losing weight, all 3 meals and snacks during the day would comprise of foods and beverages which are low in calories but high in nutritional value. In this case the required lunch calorie intake can be met through healthy foods like whole grain bread, tuna, low fat mayonnaise, vegetables like carrots, celery, red pepper and fruits like pear. These healthy foods not only help a person feel full but also help in effective weight loss. Therefore while determining the recommended number of calories in lunch, dinner and other meals it is very important to take into consideration certain factors such as age, lifestyle and current body size. Growing kids and teenagers would require more energy and therefore more calories as compared to older adults. Similarly, people who have physically demanding jobs and an active lifestyle would also require higher daily intake of calories as compared to those who have a sedentary lifestyle. The weight and height of an individual also affects the energy requirements of that individual. In the case of pregnant women and lactating mothers the energy requirements are also much higher and therefore such women need higher daily calorie intake.
Submitted on January 16, 2014