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Low fat diet recipes 

Low fat diets are designed in such a manner so as to lower or reduce the intake of fats in ones daily meals. These diets are most effective when supplemented with plenty of exercise as well. Before taking up any low fat diet plans one should always consult their doctor or dietician to ensure that the same is suitable for them taking into consideration their current health status, medical history, age, gender etc. A low fat diet menu should be rich in foods that are high on fiber such as beans legumes, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables etc. These foods are rich in natural vitamins and minerals while having very low or no fat content. Low fat diet recipes which usually have foods such as carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, egg whites, baked potatoes, grapes, strawberries etc as part o their ingredients. Low fat diets recipes will also require the individual to bake, steam m boil or grill the food rather than cooking them in saturated oils which diminishes the nutrient value of the food and also adds to the fat content.

One should keep in mind that just because a particular food is low in fat it does not necessarily mean that it is also low in calories. Along with avoiding foods that are high in fats while one a low fat diet plan one should also avoid foods that are high in calories and sugar. There are plenty of raw fruits such as avocadoes that are very nutritious and are also naturally low in fat. One of the low fat diet tips is to trim as far as possible all the visible fat from poultry and beef and also remove the skin from poultry before eating it as it is extremely high in fat content. One should try and roast, bake or broil all meat dishes instead of deep frying them in some fat. In order to prevent the meat from drying while cooking one should baste the meat with lemon juice, wine or low fat broth as this will also add flavor to the meat. For those who associate low fat diets with  tasteless and bland food, they should try and experiment by adding various spices and herbs to their food such as cilantro, basil, dill, tarragon etc and also avoid fatty sauces and gravies as far as possible. Most of the dairy products tend to have a very high fat content and hence one should try and switch to the low fat or fat free version available such as low fat cheese, skim milk and fat free yogurt as far as possible. One may also consume soy milk which is very nutritious and has plenty of health benefits. Low fat diet recipes will also suggest the use of yogurt instead of sour cream while preparing various toppings and dips. For those who find themselves craving for some snacks from time to time may prepare some homemade popcorn and ensure that they do not add any butter to the popcorn as that will defeat the purpose of a fat free snack. A low fat diet menu will also ensure that there is no organ meat intake involved such as kidneys, liver and brains as they are extremely high in cholesterol and hence are best avoided. For those who like to have soups and stews that contain meat, a very useful low fat diet tip is to prepare such a soup or stew a day in advance and the refrigerate it.  Once the soup or the stew is sufficiently refrigerated , the congealed fat may be taken out as it accumulate son the surface and the soup or stew may then be reheated for consumption

Submitted on January 16, 2014