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Health and Nutrition Benefits of Grapefruit Juice

The grapefruit is defined as a big fruit that is similar in appearance to the orange and that is part of the citrus family. The grapefruit is a relatively new addition to this citrus family. It has been derived from the cross breeding that occurred between the pomelo and the orange. This is the main reason why the grapefruit is the size that it is. The diameter of the grapefruit can range anywhere in size from about four inches to about six inches.
The white matter under the skin of the grapefruit, which is also known as the albedo, measures from about a quarter of an inch to about half an inch. The skin of the grapefruit resembles that of an orange but the flesh that is found inside can vary from pink to white to red. The grapefruit gets its name because it grows in little clusters just the way grapes do. The grapefruit is a sour and bitter fruit to taste and is widely known to have a large range of health benefits. The numerous grapefruit diet juice health benefits have been listed down and recommended by most experts.

Some of the main nutrition benefits include the presence of natural sugars, citric acid and essential oils in the fruit. The essential oils the juice contains include pinene, limonene and citral. It also contains very high levels of Vitamin C. Some of the other vitamins that it contains include small quantities of Vitamin A, Vitamin B complex and also vitamins E and K. Vitamin C is well known for its properties in helping cure and protect against symptoms of common cold or flu. However it is not only this one nutrient that the juice contains which helps against the prevention of some kind of diseases but more importantly the combination of many other ingredients which help do the trick.

Calories & Carbs In Grapefruit Juice

You could always check the calories so as to choose the one that will suit your nutritional needs. There calories in ruby red juice as well as the calories in pink juice would depend on the size of the fruit as also the area where they are grown. Red and pink juice contains the same amount of calories. You could keep a calorie count check to avoid too much consumption of the juice.

Vitamins & Carbs In White, Pink, Red Grapefruit Juice

The juice is found to be very rich in Vitamin C which helps in reducing inflammatory conditions like osteoarthritis, asthma and even helps in reducing rheumatoid arthritis. There is about 9.9g of carbs in the white one whereas pink and red contains 13.1 g of carbs. Thus the carbs in this juice are just right for the proper functioning of the body.

White grapefruit juice contains about 1.3 g of fiber while pink or red has about 2 g of fiber. The sugar levels found in white and pink or red do not vary much. White is about 8.6 g for half a serving size while pink or red is 8.5 g. White juice only contains about 1% of vitamin A while the pink and red contains about 28% of the Vitamin A for half a fruit serving. The levels of vitamin C however are almost similar in the white, red and pink juice with white containing about 65% of vitamin C and both the red and pink containing about 64% vitamin C.

Proteins, Calcium and Iron In White, Pink, Red Grapefruit Juice

Protein Levels

The protein levels found in half a serving size of white grapefruit juice is about .8 g while the protein levels in the same serving size of a red or pink juice will measure about .9 g.

Calcium Content

White grapefruit juice contains about 1% calcium while pink and red contains about 3% calcium.

Iron Content

The iron levels found in white, pink and red juice only vary by about a percent, with white containing 0% iron and pink and red .The iron levels found in white and pink and red grapefruit juice only vary by about a percent, with white juice containing about 1% iron for half a serving size.

Thus looking at the charts with the quantities of nutrition found in white, pink and red juice, it definitely appears that the pink and red juice contain a little bit more of everything.

Antioxidants and Lycopene

But studies have also indicated that the pink and red juice also have larger levels of the antioxidants as compared to the yellow type. An important additional nutrient found in the pink and red type is lycopene. This lycopene is well known for its anti tumor properties. This helps in fighting the oxygen free radicals that are the agents that cause the damage of cells. Hence when choosing between the white or the pink and red variety; it makes sense to opt for the red or pink juice.

Grapefruit Juice Nutritional Benefits

For Weight Loss

Some of the other nutritional values are that white grapefruit juice contains about .1 grams of total fat whereas the pink and red contains approximately .2 grams of total fat. All the three kinds; white, pink and red contain 0 g of saturated fat. Hence for fat loss diets it is recommended. They also contain 0 mg of cholesterol and 0 mg of sodium. Thus one of the greatest nutritional benefits is in the treatment of obesity.

For Acidity

Some of the main benefits of the juice whether white, pink or red includes the ability of this juice to help in the reduction of the sugar and starch levels in a human body. This occurs mainly due the fruit juice’s fat burning enzyme. Hence people who are trying to lose weight and burn fat tend to drink it a lot. The normal quantity drunk is usually about a glass or two drunk in a day. Thus for fat burn it is highly recommended. Drinking it also helps those who are suffering from acidity problems.

For Cancer & Diabetes

Another study has indicated that it can help in halting the growth of cancer cells especially among women suffering from breast cancer. This is said to happen mainly because it helps in ridding the human body of an excess levels of estrogen. The flavonoids, liminoids, glucarates and lycopene found in this voluptuous fruit aid in fighting cancer and other diseases. Some of the other nutritional benefits include reducing the chances of kidney stones developing and also in protecting against colon cancer as well as lung cancer.

Those suffering from diabetes can also very safely eat or drink its juice as this can help in the reduction of sweets and starches in one’s system.

For Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure

It also contains a large number of minerals. These include folic acid, calcium, potassium and phosphorous. Thus thanks to these minerals you could use the juice for high blood pressure treatment also. The use of grapefruit juice for cholesterol reduction as well as for diabetes is well known among most people. It is also well known for its cleansing properties. It works as an excellent agent in cleansing the human urinary tract and also the digestive system. It contains a form of the soluble fiber that is known as pectin. This pectin can help in lowering a person’s cholesterol levels.

For Skin Problems

Thus in this way drinking it regularly can promote healthy skin and is recommended for skin ailments like acne. Doctors also recommend drinking the juice for diabetics. Its use in fertility related issues is also known to help many women. The health benefits of white, ruby red and pink grapefruit juice are not entirely the same. The calories present in these juices also differ to some extent. The nutrition benefits can be seen in both men and women. Because of the nutritional values, it is also recommended to increase one’s fertility rates.
Submitted on January 16, 2014