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Goji Berry Juice Health Benefits

Goji berries are cultivated in Tibet and parts of China and Mongolia. They grow on vines and the fruit is picked when ripe and dried the shade. It has been a part of Tibetan cuisine for centuries and is known to induce a feeling of well-being and happiness. The goji berry and its juice have been a part of traditional Chinese medicine for a long time. Folklore has it that people who eat goji berries regularly and drink its juice, live to a ripe old age.
The juice has been used for its ability to strengthen the immune system, improve eyesight and blood circulation, as a liver tonic and as an aid to increase fertility amongst other things.

The health benefits of goji berry juice are many. It can be imbibed as raw juice or made into a tea or a tincture. The juice is said to be rich in a host of nutrients like isoleucine and tryptophan and vitamins B6 and E. Apart from these nutrients, goji berry juice is a rich source of minerals like iron, calcium, zinc, copper, selenium and phosphorus.

The goji berry is rich in antioxidants and rates high on the ORAC scale (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) which rates the ability of a food to neutralize free radicals. These are compounds that can cause a lot of cellular damage and have been implicated in a host of illnesses from coronary heart disease to cancer. The antioxidants in goji berries can prevent cholesterol from sticking to the walls of arteries and blocking the flow of blood. This makes goji berry juice a useful addition to the diet of those with coronary heart disease including people with diabetes.

Diabetics, due to their elevated blood sugar levels, are at a higher risk of developing coronary heart disease. In fact coronary heart disease is the leading cause of death amongst diabetics. Goji berry juice can help lower the risk of coronary heart disease in diabetics. In addition, it has a beneficial effect on blood sugar levels. Diabetes also affects a person’s eyesight. Goji berries have been used for centuries to improve eyesight and this fact has been substantiated by modern science. They contain high levels of beta carotene, with 100 gm. of the berries containing 8mg. of beta carotene. This beta carotene is in a biologically active form that is easily absorbed by the body. Goji berry juice can even help in eye disorders like glaucoma and macular degeneration. The high levels of antioxidants in goji berry juice can lower the risk of cancer by strengthening the immune system. Studies have shown that goji berries can retard the growth of tumors and can help in cases of breast cancer and cervical cancer. Goji berry juice has anti-inflammatory properties that can help people suffering from diseases like arthritis and gout. The juice is also beneficial to those suffering from fibromyalgia, an autoimmune disorder.

The phytonutrients in goji berries have a beneficial effect on the liver and kidneys and can help improve liver and renal function. It has a strong diuretic action which is beneficial to the kidneys and helps to lower the blood pressure. The juice is also said to increase levels of testosterone leading to increased sperm count in men and has been used in traditional Chinese medicine to heal impotency and sexual dysfunction. It is also reputed to lessen menopausal symptoms in women.

It is also rich in amino acids, vitamins B1, B2, C and nicotinic acid and polysaccharides. These polysaccharides help in the secretion of Human Growth Hormone by the pituitary gland which increases longevity. Studies have shown that drinking goji juice has improved immune functions in subjects, raised hemoglobin levels while simultaneously lowering levels of lipid peroxides. Goji berry juice has also been used to lower blood pressure and is helps lower the risk of heart attack and stroke. Its high iron content makes it useful in treating cases of anemia and as a tonic for women during pregnancy. Goji berry juice is also useful in treating asthma, allergies and coughs. It can help lower body temperature and has been used to treat chronic fever. Goji berry juice has also been used as a cosmetic. It is reputed to have a beneficial effect on skin tone and to have anti-wrinkle and anti-aging properties. It is also reputed to benefit cases of autism and is reputed to be good for memory.

Side Effects Of Goji Berry Juice

Goji berry juice can have adverse effects on health. Diabetics on medication should consult their physician as the juice can cause hypoglycemia. It can also interact with certain drugs like anti-coagulants and blood thinners and should be avoided by people with blood disorders like hemophilia. It may also cause dry skin, a rapid heart rate and dilated pupils.
Submitted on January 30, 2012