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Heart Trouble

Do check with your physician. Ensure that your diet is rich in polyunsaturates such as com oil, take gentle exercise and keep down weight.

Juices to help include:

Beetroot 16 f1 oz (450ml).
Papaya 16 f1 oz (450ml).
Pineapple 16 f1 oz (450ml).

Pineapple 10 f1 oz (275ml); papaya 6 f1 oz (175ml).
Horseradish (grated) 40z (100g); garlic 1 f1 oz (25ml); the juice of
2 lemons; water 12 f1 oz (350ml).
Carrot 6 f1 oz (175ml); celery 5 f1 oz (150m 1); parsley 2 f1 oz (50ml);
spinach 3 f1 oz (75ml).


This protrusion of a loop of gut through the wall of the abdomen is caused by the strain thrown on man's body by having adopted the practice of standing upright. Two per cent of British males have a hernia. Women have inherently stronger abdominal muscles and are not so likely to have a hernia.

Prevention consists of lifting heavy objects with the leg muscles rather than the back or stomach muscles and keeping the abdomen well exercised and the muscles in good tone. The latter is aided by sound nutrition.

The following juices are beneficial:

Carrot 6 f1 oz (l75ml); celery 5 f1 oz (150ml); spinach 3 f1 oz (75ml);
parsley 2 f1 oz (50ml).
Carrot 8 f1 oz (225ml); celery 8 f1 oz (225ml).
Carrot 12 f1 oz (350ml); spinach 4 f1 oz (100ml).
Carrot 10 f1 oz (275ml); beetroot (tops and root) 3 f1 oz (75ml);
Cucumber 3 f1 oz (75ml).

Submitted on January 16, 2014