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Keep Track Of Your Fitness With A Food Diary And A Weight Tracker

A food diary is a record of all the foods which you have eaten. You also have to specify the amount of food, when and where you have eaten the food, the people you have been with, what you have been doing and your emotions. It would be just like making a record of your daily eating habits. All of these specifications are considered as essential for the use of a doctor or a professional dietitian.

If you want to improve your eating habits, you can use a food diary to be aware of what you have been eating. A food diary is also effective for those who are in a weight loss program.
When you list down the foods that you have consumed, you will be able to keep track if you are religious with your program or not. Once you see that you are straying away from your diet plan, you can discipline yourself on maintaining it. On the other hand, obese patients who are having a hard time losing weight also use a food diary. With the record that they have kept, their specialist will be able to determine which area to concentrate on.

When you use a food diary, you will be able to maintain a healthy weight loss diet. You can base your record on weekly menus, and compare the foods that you have eaten to your list of ideal foods. When you do this, you will have something to base your plan on. You can compare if the foods which you have eaten belong to the food group specific to your diet.

On the other hand, you can also use a weight tracker if you are on a weight loss program. This tracker will keep a record on how much you have gained and compare it to your weight goal, which is according to your age and height. You will also be able to record the readings of your blood sugar, the diet that you are following and your exercise routine.

Like the food diary, the weight tracker is also essential to your specialist. Your weight loss program would be even more effective if you use the two methods together. You will be able to keep a record of what you have consumed and how much you have gained. The data which you have gathered will help you determine if your diet plan is effective or not. If you can not see a difference, based on your records, then you can just modify your diet. You can switch to another healthy weight loss diet.

When you log down the data on your food diary and weight tracker, you should be truthful about it. Do not keep a false data in order for you to appear diligent with your weight loss program. Nothing will change much if you do this, and your specialist can not help you be a better person.

Submitted on February 24, 2009