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Low Fat Snacks

Almost everybody likes to snack but unfortunately most of the easily available snacks include junk foods like chips, pastries, ice-creams and other bakery products which can increase health problems and also contribute to weight gain. The best way to avoid such problems is to eat low fat snacks like fruits, vegetables, low fat yogurt or low calorie fruit shakes. People often tend to snack to get rid of their stress and boredom not realizing that this in turn will adversely affect their health. Eating healthy low fat snacks can help boost energy levels, maintain appetite levels and also reduce the risk of putting on those extra calories. Junk foods should be completely avoided and should be replaced by healthy snacks.
Consuming low carb low fat snacks in between meals can actually make you have smaller meals during the day and help you lose weight effectively. High protein snacks which are low in fat include tofu, soybeans, whey protein, lean meats like chicken and turkey or a variety of beans are much healthier options as compared to junk foods. There is also a risk of getting heart diseases when the cholesterol levels in the body increase due to unhealthy food choices. Other than just fruits and vegetables, some other healthy low fat snack ideas include:
  • Boiled eggs sprinkled with salt and pepper.
  • Low fat fruit shakes.
  • Whole grain cereals combined with soy milk or skimmed milk.
  • Microwave popcorn and pretzels.
  • Baked tortilla chips or pita bread stuffed with vegetables like lettuce, cucumber or tomato.
  • Salads with low fat dressings.
  • Low fat yogurt and fresh fruits.
  • Chopped celery with tuna and low fat mayonnaise.
Low fat snacks do not meal flavorless snacks. While preparing such low fat snacks recipes you should keep in mind a few important tips which will make these snacks healthy and low in calories.
  • Use non-stick pans for cooking to avoid the use of oil.
  • Opt for microwave cooking instead of frying foods.
  • Use goat cheese instead of cow cheese as it is low in fats.
  • If you must eat chips, choose baked chips over the fried ones.  
  • Use brown bread instead of white bread as it is more nutritious and less fattening.
  • The best and healthiest way to cook poultry products is by broiling, roasting or baking.
These snacks are an ideal means to avoid excess calories and maintain good health.
Submitted on June 22, 2011