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Healthy lifestyles 
The health of the human body is determined by a number of factors, some of which can be controlled by the individual while others are beyond the control of the individual. Environmental factors such as the quality of air, the quality of food and the quality of water supplied to an individual are also important factors in determining the health of the individual. These factors are generally not changeable by the individual. There are also factors associated with the individual’s personal habits that may be used to improve the lifestyle of the person. 

Healthy lifestyles are those lifestyles which provide the individual with enough time for relaxation and enough time for work. These healthy lifestyles also include the provision of good nutrition and good timings for meals as well.
Healthy lifestyles must also feature some amount of exercise which helps to improve the health of the body while providing the mind with some time off. Good healthy lifestyles also involve the avoidance of vices that may creep into the habits of an individual. These vices include excessive food consumption, the consumption of cigarettes, excessive alcohol consumption and the use of drugs. These types of vices are bad for health in the short and long term.

There is a strong relationship between healthy lifestyles and diet. The diet of an individual should be healthy. The question then arises as to what an actual healthy diet consists of. A healthy diet is made up of nutrition from all the important food group categories. The human body requires many different nutrients for the maintenance of its body systems and for the performance of the functions of the body. Normally, most people consume diets that are deficient in some respects and excessive in some respects. Both deficient and excessive supply of nutrition to the body can cause health problems. In some cases, excessive nutrition may even be toxic to the body. When following healthy lifestyles and diet plans, one should ensure that the food that is being consumed is free from processing. The food should be consumed from natural sources. Natural nutrients are usually far better for the body than synthetic or processed nutrients. This is because most natural sources of nutrition, particularly sources of vitamins and minerals usually provide the body with many different types of vitamins and minerals all at once. This combination of nutrients is what really improves the health of the body. At any given time, the introduction of several important nutrients to the body will aid with the health of the body. Individuals who have deficiencies of vitamins in their diet will notice the greatest change when they switch to healthy lifestyles and diet plans. These people will suddenly have access to better energy levels because the body will be performing its involuntary tasks much more efficiently. 

Healthy lifestyles should also include a good amount of exercise and physical activity. Individuals who exercise will confirm the fact that this is one important way in which a person can reduce his or her stress levels. The mind tends to relax to a great extent when an individual is exercising because the focus is on the exercise task at hand. This may help to avoid worrying about problems or issues in life that may be causing stress. Individuals can therefore ensure that they have healthy lifestyles with a fitness program. Fitness programs are designed to gradually improve the physical condition of the individual. This will reflect in a general improvement of energy levels. A physically fit individual will also have fitter muscles in the heart and the lungs. These are organs that are vital for the health of the human body. When these organs are exercised, their health tends to improve. This is a massively important factor when it comes to the health of the individual. Cardiac problems are a leading cause of death and illness around the world. By simply providing the body with healthy lifestyles, one can ensure that the chances of this problem occurring are reduced. Naturally, there is a genetic component to such problems as well. However, the environmental component, that includes exercise and nutrition, is the one that can be worked on by the individual. Exercise also provides the individual with improved energy production characteristics. Energy is produced based on the requirement of the body. Individuals with a lack of exercise usually suffer from lack of energy as well. Healthy lifestyles will ensure that this does not happen. 

Healthy lifestyles do not occur by chance. Healthy lifestyles are a result of a conscious effort by the individual to ensure that there is an improvement in the quality of life that is being led by the individual. Healthy lifestyles also include important aspects such as meal timings and sleep timings. Individuals who suffer from a lack of sleep are rarely able to lead healthy lifestyles. Therefore, it is important to focus on the need for sleep and to provide the body with plenty of opportunity for rest. Most people are good at resting their bodies but tend not to spend much time on energy use through exercise. A combination of these two factors is what really helps when it comes to the improvement of the health of the body. 

Clinical studies across the world have shown that individuals with healthy lifestyles tend to be at a lower risk of developing many temporary and chronic conditions. A healthy lifestyle is likely to lead to improved immune system performance. This will help when fighting various infections and diseases that may be present within the environment around the individual. By following healthy lifestyles, individuals can ensure that their bodies are healthy and properly nourished. This is a significant part of the battle won. Studies have also shown that individuals with healthy lifestyles tend to respond better to medication when they do actually fall sick. The logic behind this is that a stronger and more efficiently functioning body will be more capable of handling health problems as it will be better equipped to fight these conditions. 

Submitted on January 16, 2014