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Health Benefits Of Low Carb Breakfast

Following a low carb diet involves consuming a very low amount of carbohydrates every day. An individual’s net carb intake is usually 20 – 50 carbs per day. Those who follow a low carb diet may experience quicker weight loss than those who follow a low fat diet. When the body receives carbohydrates there is an increase in insulin levels due to a rise in blood sugar. Fat is stored more easily when the levels of insulin are high.
Also, the insulin levels reduce quickly after the initial spike and this leads to hunger. Low carb meals help to maintain constant blood sugar levels and helps in controlling food cravings. They also prevent excess storage of fat in the body. The body mainly utilizes carbohydrates for energy. In a low carb diet, the body is forced to burn fat for fuel and this leads to weight loss. This process is known as ketosis and it is the main advantage of a low carb diet. When ketosis occurs, an individual is likely to experience very few hunger pangs. Since energy levels remain high, one can also exercise to assist in the weight loss process. It is often difficult to follow a low carb diet especially in the first couple of weeks. There could be a problem of low energy and hunger pangs, and you may be tempted to binge. After a week, however, your energy levels increase and your appetite is easily satiated.

Low Carb Breakfast Foods

Many people who are on a diet prefer to eat a low carb breakfast. Such people are constantly on the lookout for healthy breakfast ideas that do not include the usual carbohydrate rich cereals and breads. However it must be kept in mind that simply restricting carbohydrate intake and increasing the intake of eggs and meat will not affect cholesterol levels in a positive manner. It is also important to include plenty of fruits and vegetables to the diet. Fruit does contain some amount of carbs, but they are natural foods and also supply the body with essential dietary fiber. Before you decide to incorporate a healthy low carb breakfast into your daily diet, you must first be aware of the foods which are low in carbohydrates. There are two types of carbohydrates, simple and complex. Carbohydrates are contained in most foods in different concentrations. Here are some breakfast foods which are low in carbohydrates:
  • Eggs are healthy and wholesome foods which are low in carbs. They are also versatile and can be prepared in a number of ways. Eggs may be eaten plain or along with meat and vegetables. You can also include a slice of 100 percent whole grain bread or jicama.
  • Fruits are a healthy source of vitamins, proteins and calcium. You can opt for any combination of fruits such as apples, grapes, oranges, pears and berries. Fresh fruit juices are also a great addition to a breakfast.
  • Most types of cereal contain plenty of carbohydrates. But there are some that have a low carb concentration and these can be made part of a low carb breakfast. But one has to be careful when choosing low carb breakfast cereals and it is advisable to read the food labels properly.
  • One of the most popular low carb breakfast foods is yogurt. Add some frozen berries to your yogurt for a healthy and satisfying low carb meal.
  • These are the foods which are low in carbohydrates and which can form a part of your low carb breakfast. It is advisable to use various combinations of these and other low carb foods to create a healthy breakfast daily menu. You need to keep in mind that some amount of carbohydrates is necessary for good health. You can consult a doctor or dietitian for advice on low carb breakfast options. Also see low carb snacks

Low Carb Breakfast Meals

There is a wide variety of low carb recipes available which incorporate many different types of ingredients. You can opt for the ones that satisfy your nutrition requirements and taste preferences. Here are a few examples of some low carb breakfast dishes:
  • A fresh fruits salad is an excellent low carb breakfast on the go. You can chop some of your favorite fruits the night before. Apples, oranges, grapefruit, melons and sweet limes can all be added to a fresh fruit salad.
  • If you’re looking for a high protein low carb breakfast, then pick up some tofu on your next trip to the supermarket. Tofu can be eaten sautéed or grilled. Opt for firm tofu if you would like to grill it and have with a spread. You can use soft tofu to a make a great protein shake.
  • Vegetables also make good additions to a breakfast. In fact, they are the perfect foods for a low fat low carb breakfast. You can add veggies such as tomato, peppers and zucchini to egg white omelets.
  • Scrambled eggs and low carb tortillas are another example of a tasty and healthy low carb dish. To spice up the recipe, you can even add some jalapenos, salsa and cheese. The type of tortillas you use will determine the carbohydrate content of this dish.
  • A spinach omelet serves as a healthy low calorie breakfast and also keeps your carb intake low. Add some chopped spinach, peppers, tomatoes and basil to the eggs and serve with a piece of whole wheat toast. You can also get detailed information on low carb lunch recipes

Low carb diets are effective in bringing about weight loss for a limited period. It is also possible that individuals who follow such a diet will experience certain side effects such as fatigue and muscle cramps. Many experts maintain that low carb diets should not continue over a longer period. This is because there tends to be a high amount of saturated fat in low carb diets. The elevated cholesterol levels can increase a person’s risk of heart disease. Health experts believe that to bring about weight loss it is not necessary to restrict the intake of a certain food group. All the food groups should be consumed in moderation and your diet must be complemented with regular exercise and an active lifestyle.

Submitted on January 16, 2014