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Nonulcer Stomach Pain Causes, Symptoms And Diet Treatment

Nonulcer stomach pain is a regular stomach ache that is caused by indigestion. It is also called nonulcer dyspepsia or functional dyspepsia.

The symptoms of nonulcer stomach pain include an abdominal pain, a burning sensation, belching, a feeling of fullness even before eating and nausea. Sometimes this nonulcer stomach pain can also cause dark tarry stool or pain that begins to radiate into the jaw or arm or even bloody vomit. In such cases, it is important to immediately seek medical attention.
There are no definite causes for nonulcer stomach pain but generally not leading a healthy life is known to cause it. Consuming excessive alcohol, coffee or even smoking a lot can lead to such stomach pains.

Taking too many of over the counter medications can lead to toxicity and lead to nonulcer stomach pain.

Often for nonulcer stomach pain relief, the doctor recommends a lifestyle change instead of prescribing more medication. A lifestyle change includes healthy eating and nutritious meals at regular times. It means resting and sleeping adequately and removing possible elements of stress and aggravation from your life. Your doctor might recommend a diet with a fixed menu till you get relief from the nonulcer stomach pain. You need to eat slowly, eat less spicy and fried food. You need drink plenty of water as it would also help in cooling down your system and clearing all the waste effectively.

There are even home remedies that you can try to get relief from nonulcer stomach pain. Honey has been known to help. Chamomile or mint tea, sipped through the day, can really work wonders in reducing the stomach pain. Asafetida mixed with some water, though unpleasant tasting is known to stop stomach aches and pains.

The stomach aches that children get are often nonulcer stomach pain. Simple things like giving them lemon tea will soothe the ache. Carom and caraway seeds boiled with water and then drinking that water is known to help the child and his stomach pain. Ginger juice massaged on the stomach also gives relief to children. Avoid giving your child heavy food and spicy food till the stomach pain persists. Mint and lemon juice mixed with ginger juice and black salt provides quick relief for a child. A bowl of yogurt with a little honey also works wonders to alleviate the stomach pain. For children in particular, ensure that your child drinks plenty of liquids. These are all home remedies and if the pain persists remember to get medical help.

Submitted on January 16, 2014