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Hiatal Hernia Foods to Avoid

A diet for hiatal hernia should include both hiatal hernia foods to avoid as well as foods that you can eat if you suffer from this condition. A hiatal hernia develops when a part of the stomach protrudes upwards through the food tube or diaphragm. Minor hiatal hernias are not considered serious and often go unnoticed. However, large hiatal hernias can cause chest pain and heartburn. The discomfort one feels with this condition stems from the reflux of gastric acid, air or bile.

One way to combat this uncomfortable feeling is to find out the hiatal hernia foods to avoid. If you suffer from hiatal hernia, it is advisable to make a list of hiatal hernia foods that you must stay away from. Keep a track of the foods that you eat and the ones that trigger symptoms when you are compiling your list of foods to avoid with hiatal hernia. Given below are some of the hiatal hernia foods you should avoid. It is important to remember that even the best possible hiatal hernia diet that you plan is of no use if you continue to eat large meals. Make it a point to eat small meals that exclude hiatal hernia foods that could trigger an attack.

Hiatal hernia foods to avoid include:-

  • Certain vegetables: These would include raw onions, tomatoes and tomato juice. Fries and mashed potatoes are taboo as well.
  • Fried foods: Foods that are fried and any foods that have a higher fat content contribute to stomach acid and thereby aggravate a hiatal hernia condition. Heartburn can be avoided if you stay away from oily and greasy foods.
  • Acidic fruits: Although fruits contain nutrients, there are some fruits that contain a high level of acid and these are included in the list of hiatal hernia foods to avoid. Limit the intake of lemons, grapefruits, oranges and cranberry. Fruit juices of these fruits should not be consumed either.
  • Beverages: The beverages that you need to stay away from all alcoholic and caffeinated drinks, from beer and wine to coffee and tea.
  • Meats: These include chicken nuggets, marbled sirloin, Buffalo wings and ground beef. The sauces on the meats may cause heartburn as well.
  • Fast foods: Most fast foods contain a lot of artificial flavors and enhancers and they are also oily and have a high fat content.
  • Dairy products: Dairy products can also upset the stomach. Avoid cottage cheese, milk shakes, cheese, ice cream and sour cream.
The above is not a comprehensive list of hiatal hernia foods to avoid. You may have no problems with some of the foods listed and you may also find new foods to add to the list from personal experience.

Submitted on January 16, 2014