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Ginger juice a natural remedy to cure stomach ache:

How to cure a stomach ache for a seven year old girl?

There are three main reasons why your daughter is suffering from a stomach ache. Absence of food, unhygienic food and overeating are the three main reasons. In case you do not know the cause of stomach ache, it is recommended to consume two full glasses of water. This procedure will help to normalize the excruciating pain. Now to reduce the pain completely, give your daughter a dose of an antacid.

A dose of antacid will reduce the pain to a great extent. It is easily available at a pharmacy without a doctor's prescription. Follow the recommended dosage on the box of the antacid.

Stomach ache is usually acute and disappears within a day or two. If the problem persists, you child may be suffering from a chronic condition and hence immediate medical assistance will be required. Sometimes, stomach ache is caused if the stomach is empty and is full of stomach acids. In this case, it is very important to snack. The snack could comprise of fruits, carrots, nuts or dry fruits. The snack should be consumed slowly and in small quantities or it could create further problems. Do not consume foods which contain high amounts of fat or oil.

If overeating is the cause of stomachache, it is very important to lower the temperature that has risen. A glass of cold milk helps in reducing the temperature to a great extent. Another method of reducing the temperature would be to apply a few drops of eau de cologne on the stomach. This liquid is known to have a great cooling effect. After the milk, provide your child with a glass of carbonated water. The method will ease the stomach acids which may cause your child to burp. Your daughter will start feeling a lot better.

Ginger juice acts a natural remedy for the cure of stomach ache. Extract the juice of a fresh ginger and give a half glass of it to your daughter. The juice would be slightly bitter so make sure she drinks it completely. These are some of the natural cures for stomach ache.

Apart from the remedies, it is extremely important that your child follows a healthy diet. Green vegetables are a must in this case, as your daughter is very young and it will help in her development. Fruits such as apples, oranges, bananas and many more should be given after each meal. Avoid providing her with foods which contain high levels of sugar.

Submitted on January 16, 2014