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Diet For Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis can be described as a medical health condition, where the bone structure and mass are altered and causes the weakening of bones, eventually leading to the increased risks of suffering from fractures. Osteoporosis occurs in a person when the Bone Mineral Density (BMD) lessens and the micro-architecture of the bone may get disrupted. It is also called the Silent Disease, because it is difficult to difficult to discern it. Although this condition can affect both men and women, it is more commonly found in women, mainly because men have bigger bone structures which could be why they do not go through rapid bone loss. This condition can affect one’s life expectancy and quality, and therefore, it should not be left untreated.

The treatment for osteoporosis focuses on increasing bone density and reducing the pain. Halting the loss of minerals is also important and special osteoporosis calcium supplements may be recommended as this has been found to be an effective treatment for osteoporosis. The treatment will also include medication, therapeutic exercises, as well as following a specialized diet for osteoporosis. A specialized diet will include a lot of foods that are high in calcium, protein, magnesium, vitamin D and vitamin K.

Foods for osteoporosis patients

• Calcium can be found in milk and other dairy products like yoghurt, cheese, ice cream or frozen yoghurt, and butter. Certain fish like salmon and sardines, vegetables like broccoli, green turnips, and kale and other foods like eggs, tofu, cornbread, and cereals are all good sources of calcium too.
• Foods like eggs, poultry and fish, legumes, and beans and pulses are rich sources of protein.
• Magnesium works along with the calcium to retain the calcium in your bones. This is why it is advisable to consume a lot of legumes and other green leafy vegetables that are high in magnesium.
• The best way of getting vitamin D, is through exposure to sunlight or even by eating fish, liver, beef, and eggs.
• Vitamin K can be consumed, by eating, greens, soy bean, olive oil, green tea, and coffee.

An osteoporosis natural treatment is aimed at combining all the natural methods of combating the disease, which includes following the required diet and exercising in the right manner. Exercising is probably as important as medication or dieting, as it slows down the loss of the bone. It also increases muscle strength and limits one’s bone-damaging falls. Weight bearing exercises like walking running, gardening, dancing, climbing the stairs, practicing yoga, hiking, lifting weights, or playing tennis are all helpful. However, before taking up any form of exercise or supplement, it is important to check with the doctor.

Submitted on January 16, 2014