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Peach Nutrition And Health Benefits Of Peach

It is believed that peach was first grown in China, before the Romans and Greeks began to grow it. The peach tree grows to the height of 2 to 3.5 meters. The peach blossoms are pink in color and the leaves are caduceus. The flowers blossom during the spring. Peaches grow will in medium temperatures, and in fresh soil and sunny climate.

Peach properties: Peaches have cellulose, minerals (P, K, Mg, Fe), pectic substances, proteic substances, acid, sugar and water. Peaces are rich in vitamin C and a whole lot of other vitamins like, vitamin B9, B2, B1, E, PP, P. Peaches are known to ease digestion by stimulating gastric secretions.

Health Benefits Of Peach

  • The citrus peach is good for treating several health conditions. Let’s look at the several peach health benefits:
  • Peaches are good for treating infectious diseases and are good for lowering the cholesterol level in the blood, preventing cardiovascular diseases, anemia and renal diseases.
  • Peaches also treat rheumatic pains and abdominal colic, and peach tea can cure convulsive cough.
  • Peach is good for those who are recovering from illnesses and for those who are in a state of depression. Rich in carbohydrates and sugar, peach is said to be a good energy-building fruit.
  • Since peach contains phosphorous, peaches can protect the nerve cells and is recommended to people who have neurosis.
  • Vitamin B1, B2 and A help to maintain the balance of the nervous system, maintain the magnesium levels in the body, help in the synthesis of hemoglobin and strengthen the immune system.
  • It is believed that if you eat peaches first thing in the morning, this can help to regulate and control hepatic and intestinal functions; help in assimilation of nutrition; and, maintain the alkalinization of the blood.
  • Peaches are also good for those who suffer from urinary lithiasis.
  • Peaches are good for the skin – they regenerate skin tissue. So you can not only munch a few peaches for healthier skin, but can also rub peach juice into your skin for that peaches-and-cream glow.
  • Peaches can destroy the extra fat layers; thus, these are recommended to those who want to lose weight.
  • You can either eat peach as a fruit or squeeze the juice from it. Rich in iron, peach juice is for those with anemia.
  • The potassium content in peach is good for cardiac health and can treat high blood pressure.
  • Peach juice is said to act as a laxative and can flush out the toxins from the bladder and kidneys. It also prevents kidney stones and nephritis.

Since the fruit is rich in iron and potassium, it is beneficial for pregnant women for their complete well being.

Benefits of peach

The peach is a fruit that is actually native to China but is cultivated in almost countries in the world that have a cool climate. A peachy basically has an outer skin that is reddish yellow in color while the flesh of the peach is either yellow or white. Peaches that tend to have a white flesh are known to be very sweet and also have very little acidity. The health benefits of peaches are numerous as they are abundant ins plenty of nutrients such as vitamin A , potassium, calcium, iron, vitamin C , niacin, riboflavin , carbohydrates and so on.

Before listing the health benefits of peaches one should also know that the calories present in peach are around 46. One of the benefits of peach is that its aids color to the complexion and also makes keeps the skin healthy. The benefits of peaches are also nutritional as the consumption of peach is known to aid the removal of any possible worms from the intestinal tract of the individual. Another one of the benefits of peach is that since this fruit is rich in Vitamin A, the regular consumption of peaches also results in the prevention of the growth of cancerous cells in the glands and the organs that have epithelial tissue. Peaches also aid weight loss as they are a good source of water and dietary fibre. Hence the consumption of peach as part of a weight loss diet is beneficial as dietary fibre makes an individual feel full and satiated for a prolonged period of time thereby resulting in them not overeating. One of the other benefits of peaches if consumed on a regular basis is that they keep the bowel movements clear and regular and hence help one avoid straining or even constipation. Research has shown that one of the health benefits of peach is that they have excellent antimicrobial activity as well as antioxidant activity and are also conducive to inhibiting any tumour growth activity. On account of the nutritional benefits of peach, most dieticians will also recommend the consumption of peach for those suffering from gout and rheumatism. This is mostly because peaches tend to have a powerful diuretic effect and a light laxative effect as well.

On account of the health benefits of peach, people suffering from medical conditions such as asthma, kidney and bladder stones, high blood pressure, gastritis, anaemia, poor digestion, dry cough and so on are recommended to incorporate peaches in their daily diet as far as possible. Besides the fruit, consumption of the peach flowers is also known to have health benefits as they have sedative properties. Hence one of the home remedies for children who are restless is to boil some peach flowers in water along with some honey and sugar and then give them the strained liquid to consume once it has cooled to room temperature. The consumption of peach is also known to be beneficial to the skin as it helps in regenerating skin tissue. Peaches are also known to be effective in treating infectious diseases and for preventing various cardiovascular diseases as well.


Submitted on January 16, 2014