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Fortified Breakfast Cereals - Hot Breakfast Cereals You Would Crave For

Selecting a wholesome breakfast cereal sometimes can be quite an arduous task. The list of breakfast cereals and cereal bars is a lengthy one, albeit full of paradoxes. There are breakfast cereals prepared from white refined grains with almost nil fiber content; there are cereals made from whole grains and essential bran comprising more than 5 - 7 grams of fiber. And then there are cereals loaded with such high content of sugar that they seem more like boxes of sugar crystals! There are also breakfast cereals available with the least amount of sugar, which is evident from it being named as the last ingredient on the ingredients-list.

According to nutritionists and diet experts the cereal that you have every day, either as a breakfast substitute or as a mid-meal snack, can say a lot about the status of your health.
Breakfast cereals and bars have the potential of adding plenty of nutrients to your diet - or it can amount to a plain snack replete with empty calories and loaded with sugar! It is important to choose a healthy breakfast cereal that contains whole grains as a base.

Recent research indicates that individuals who consume whole grains stand at a lower risk of developing diabetes and cardiovascular disease, than those who consume refined grains-breakfast cereal. Whole grains included in breakfast cereals and bars include wheat germ, unpolished rice flakes, bulgur wheat, couscous, corn flakes or oatmeal.

High Fiber Breakfast Cereals

Pick out breakfast cereals or cereal bars that are high in fiber, made with whole grains. The idea is to find a breakfast cereal that is full of wholesome properties, low in sugar, and has no trace of saturated fat or hydrogenated fats, but still provides a great taste, especially if you are looking to have it every day.

As far as possible, try not to opt for refined cereals as daily consumption of refined cereals bars or breakfast cereals can pose health risks in the long run. Refined cereals possess higher glycemic index than wholegrain thus causing a sharp rise in blood sugars, and requiring a strong reaction from the pancreas.

Dried fruits and nuts added to the cereals is another bonus for good health. It adds more nutrients to the cereal as it is loaded with essential vitamins such as vitamin B-1, B-6, and essential trace minerals such as iron, magnesium, and selenium. You can also sweeten your breakfast by adding honey generously to your cereal. Honey is a healthier option than sugar.

At then end of it all, starting off your day with a breakfast cereal that contains complex carbohydrates and high fiber can help jump-start the body and boost concentration all day long. Moreover research has further established that a bowl of high-fiber breakfast cereal in the morning can bring down hypertension and also reduce cholesterol levels in the blood.

Submitted on January 16, 2014