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Steps To Quit Smoking

Smoking usually refers to the consumption of cigarettes. A cigarette is a paper tube that contains tobacco and various other components which is lit at one end and inhaled through the other. Cigarettes are addictive and long term cigarette use will result in health complications. Long term cigarette users suffer from diminished lung capacity, susceptibility to diseases and illnesses that affect the lungs and respiratory tract and susceptibility to cancer of the lungs, throat and mouth.

The process of quitting smoking is a difficult one.

There is a physical dependency that is created when a person is a regular smoker and environmental factors like social pressure and stress may work against a person’s decision to quit smoking. Smoking tends to relax an individual and addicts get extremely affected by an extended duration of non smoking activity. Smoking also causes passive inhalation of cigarette smoke which is harmful to any person who inhales it. This is why smoking is banned in public places across the world. One might notice smokers get extremely agitated at the end of a long haul flight. This is because their bodies depend on cigarettes and they need a smoke to calm themselves down.

There are many steps to quit smoking. These include lifestyle changes, diet changes and possibly avoiding those people who encourage smoking. There are foods that are included in the list of things that can help a smoker quit. Some of these foods include fresh fruits especially pears and apples, vegetables like celery and carrot, popcorn, and large quantities of fluids like water, juices, tea, and milkshakes. The theory behind this is that consuming some food that is crunchy and healthy is good while quitting smoking. These foods are often known as quit smoking foods. While they do not replace nicotine, they might help avoid the craving. As a person gradually proceeds through the detoxification process, these foods can help prevent the return to smoking. It is important to always be occupied during this process as staying idle will return one’s attention to smoking.

There are numerous herbs that can help the process of quitting. Some of these have a relaxing effect while others simply help to improve one’s health, which in turn improves the mood. Some examples of herbs to quit smoking include Lobelia, St. John’s Wort, and Black Cohosh. Some herbs are more potent than others and it is important to consult a doctor before you decide on a course of treatment.

Submitted on March 31, 2011