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Vitamin E sources -

Vitamins are a type of nutrient which we must obtain from our diet in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The lack of, or imbalance of vitamins in the body can cause numerous ailments. Vitamin E is an essential vitamin which can occur in many different forms. It is a fat soluble vitamin and it’s most important characteristic is that it is an antioxidant. Antioxidants help to protect our cells from free radicals.

The body’s metabolism produces harmful byproducts known as free radicals. These cause cell damage, hasten aging, and can even cause development of more sinister ailments heart disease and cancer. Vitamin E sources are numerous and easily available. Ensue that you include them regularly in your diet to remain healthy. Furthermore, vitamin E is also believed to stop blood cells from sticking to each other and even to the blood vessels in which they are carried. This helps to attain better blood circulation and it also lowers blood pressure.

 Nuts and seeds are great vitamin E sources. It is important to regularly have some nuts and seeds like almonds and hazel nuts. Peanuts and pistachio nuts are also good vitamin E sources. Having peanuts and pistachio nuts regularly increases the vitamin E content of the body. Vitamin E can also be readily obtained from oils made from seeds. Use sunflower oil in your food and you can provide a good amount of vitamin E to the body. Green leafy vegetables are great vitamin E food sources. You should generally look to include vegetables like spinach, turnip and collard. Beet and dandelion greens are also excellent sources of vitamin E that you should have on your plate. Asparagus and broccoli also boost the vitamin E content of the body. Wheat germ and wheat germ oil also help the body gain vitamin E. An important thing to remember while trying to prepare food that is rich in vitamin E is that it should preferably be prepared with whole grain flours. This is because, during cooking and preparation, the vitamin E can be lost from the foods. Preparing your food with whole grain flours will allow the prepared food to retain the vitamin E. Additionally; the vitamin E can be further retained in the food if the food is stored in airtight containers. You should also avoid exposing them to light.

 Another common source of vitamin E is the tomato. Having raw tomatoes along with your food will certainly help you gain vitamin E in your body. You can also have them with salads. Olives and olive oil are vitamin E sources in food that are quite nutritious. Corn is a common food that is good sources of vitamin E. It should be eaten regularly in order to increase the vitamin E content in the body. Fruits also can provide vitamin E to the body. The consumption of fresh fruits like mangoes and papayas will supply vitamin E to the body. Vitamin E can also be obtained through supplements. However, these should be taken cautiously and after the recommendation of a doctor.

Submitted on January 16, 2014