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Bad Fats

There are four food groups that provide nutrition to the body. Of the four food groups, fats are the ones that cause numerous complications in the health of an individual. Fats are sub divided into good fats and bad fats. Good fats are those fats which are burnt by the body to produce energy, while bad fats are those fats which are of no use to the body, but end up as deposits and cause a number of health problems in the long run. What are bad fats for the body may depend entirely upon the status of your health.

To people suffering with ailments of the circulatory system, any form of fatty food could prove to be risky. Making use of a bad fats list, available over the internet or through your medical practitioner will prove to be of great help in protecting the body against unwanted illnesses.

Bad Fats and Good Fats

Bad fats and good fats are sometimes required by the body simultaneously, each one having its own purpose. Certain bad fats are required to assist in metabolism that provides for the production of energy, while good fats may be required by the body to assist in the provision of secretions from the sebaceous glands. A number of people enquire as to what are the bad fats capable of harming in the body? Bad fats tend to deposit themselves in the arteries and cause restrictions to the flow of blood from the heart. The restricted flow of blood from the heart causes a rise in blood pressure, which in turn, could lead to the occurrence of a stroke or a heart attack.

The fats that are provided by meats can cause a number of problems because they are more difficult to digest. Breaking them down into simpler forms puts a strain on the digestive system as well. The best way to remain free from health issues is to consume a balanced diet of food every day, while ensuring that the body is given a certain amount of physical exercise. Fresh green vegetables and fruits provide the body with the nutrients required for smooth functioning of the body, and must be included as part of the daily diet. Apart from this, leafy green vegetables provide the body with the roughage required to clear out the digestive system and also provide calcium for the development of the body. The consumption of lean meats, such as turkey is recommended, as opposed to the consumption of red meat.


Submitted on January 16, 2014