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burn fat quickly

  • Dietary Advice to Lose Belly Fat | Home Tips To Reduce Belly
    The maximum benefits of a workout for those who want to know how to lose belly fat naturally, comes when it lasts anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes per session, because each such session leads to maximum fat loss.[...]

  • Health Benefits of General Motors (Gm) Diet
    GM Diet BenefitsThe GM diet or the General Motors Diet is largely a diet that aims at losing weight by controlling what you eat. Legend has it that it was started for the employees of General Motors but this is not true at all. It is a fad diet that[...]

  • Facts and List of Natural Fat Burning Foods
    Foods That Burn FatSometimes exercise just isn't enough. To enhance your weight loss results you should add some foods that burn fat to your diet. Foods that burn fat are of many types. Foods that boost metabolism fall under this category. Some people believe that negative calorie foods[...]

  • What is a Diet Plateau and Tips to Overcome It
    Overcome Diet PlateauThere comes a phase in Diet-Plan where you cannot lose any-more weight, no matter how hard you try. This is the plateau-period, which may dishearten and force you to abandon your efforts. The only way out of this period is to increase your aerobic exercise[...]

  • Healthy Diet Food Groups, Nutrients and Snacks For Healthy Life
    Nutrients are essentially chemicals that the body requires in order to grow as well as build and repair tissue. Nutrients are also responsible for the regulation of body processes and the production of energy.[...]

  • Number of Calories Burned by Walking 4 Miles
    Calories Burned Walking 4 Miles Exercise is an important part of our daily routine. It helps to keep our bodies active, and this, in turn, leads to better health. Studies have proved time and again that a regular exercise regimen can prevent serious illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, and so[...]

  • Tips to Burn 2500 Calories a Day in a Healthy Manner
    Burning 2500 CaloriesHow to Burn 2500 Calories a DayWhen the energy expenditure equals the energy intake, then the risk of body weight gain is less. Negative energy balance, in terms of decrease in calorie expenditure, in comparison to the intake results in weight gain. When the deficit in expenditure is[...]

  • Weight Gain during Summer
    Diet plays a very important role in muscle and weight gain. Eat more to gain mass. Read further to know more.[...]

  • Reheating Rice Poisoning | Is It Poisonous To Reheat Cooked, Brown Rice
    To reheat day-old steamed rice; use a double boiler, put some water in the bottom portion of the cooker else it can cause diarrhea and vomiting[...]

  • Burning Calories for Fitness - Exercise and Dietary Tips
    Burning Calories to Stay Healthy and FitIt is a well known and time tested fat that exercises helps to burn calories and stay fit. Exercise works in two different ways in helping to burn calories and lose weight. Firstly, exercise causes the body muscles to strain harder and do work[...]

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