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general motor diet

  • General Motors Diet Plan for Vegetarians
    The General Motors diet plan, also commonly referred to as the GM diet plan, is a special eating plan that was crafted especially for those employees (and their families), who would like to stay fit, by losing their extra weight. Since there are a high number of people following vegetarianism[...]

  • Home Remedies For Diphtheria | Diptheria Natural Cures And Treatments
    Diptheria Cures And Home Remedies For Diptheria Diphtheria is a highly infectious respiratory disorder that affects the upper respiratory tract. A low grade fever, fatigue, sore throats and swollen glands in the neck are the initial symptoms of this disorder. High fever, chills, nausea and vomiting may be observed in[...]

  • Hair Fall and Dandruff Cures
    Dandruff and hair loss cure: I am 19 year old girl, I have dandruff and hair falling problem. My dandruff is not dry it is wet. Please advice.[...]

  • Healthy Finger Foods | Snack for Toddlers | Tips for Eating Healthy
    Offering your toddler simple and healthy finger foods will enable them to learn to eat on their own, while also providing the necessary nutrition. Vegetables and fruits are a great snack for toddlers. It is important to introduce variety in the fruits and[...]

  • Does the General Motors Diet Plan Really Work?
    How GM Diet WorksMany fad diets have become popular with people around the world, for various reasons. While some diets may be easy to follow, others may bring about instant results and some may actually have long term benefits. Some of the diets are also believed to combine all such[...]

  • Health Benefits Of Chicken And Cholesterol Levels In Chicken
    Cholesterol In Chicken And Broth Health Benefits Is chicken a heart healthy diet? What is the amount of cholesterol in it? Please let me know other diet for heart health In general, chicken is quite a healthy food. As a source of protein it is one of the best, as[...]

  • Acidity and Lack Of Sleep | Hyperacidity and Insomnia (Sleeplessness)
    Consumption of alcohol, insomnia, spicy food, irregular eating habits, faulty lifestyle, stress, and unhealthy diet are some factors which can cause acidity. Heartburn, dyspepsia, excessive burping and acid reflux are some of the symptoms of acidity.[...]

  • General Motors Diet for Short Term Weight Loss
    General Motors Diet very famous for short term weight loss: GM diet states that you should eat bananas and milk on day 3 or 4 but I don't eat either is their an alternative?GM diet or general motors diet is a very famous short term weight loss[...]

  • Obesity among Children and Adolescents | BMI To Measue Obesity
    Obesity is measured by the BMI or the Body Mass Index. This Index is measured by the equation weight/height², though this equation is more commonly used to classify obesity among adults, the same equation is also used for children for find out obesity amongst children. In the last[...]

  • Migraine Headache Causes And Symptoms | Gm Diet And Migraine Headache
    GM Diet And Migrane HeadacheA headache can be anything but a headache and a migraine accompanying it is one where no remedy works and you have to let the headache ride it out.  A headache is a one-time thing while a migraine headache is a recurrent headache. A[...]

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