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  • Benefits of Baking Soda for Skin, Hair, Heartburn, Teeth and Digestion
    Baking Soda Health Benefits Chemically known as sodium bicarbonate, baking soda is a leavening agent. It produces carbon dioxide when mixed with an acidic agent, with moisture, thereby making it an important ingredient widely used in confectionaries. Apart from that, baking soda also has numerous other advantages. It is also[...]

  • Black Tea Health Benefits, Nutrition Value, Nutritional Value
    Black Tea Health Benefits & Nutrition FactsThere is a common misconception among people that black tea is not as beneficial as green tea. This, however, is untrue and the truth remains that black tea is just as medicinal and powerful as green tea.  Black tea benefits the overall health[...]

  • High Protein Diet For Hives | Green Tea, Detox & Elimination Diet For Uritcaria
    Hives are a type of skin rash that is represented by red, inflamed bumps on the skin surface. Treating hives involves avoiding foods that may be responsible for the outbreak. If the condition is chronic, then along with medical tests, one should also lo[...]

  • Health Risks of Eating Junk Food for Children, Skin & Brain
    Learn about dangers of consuming excessive junk food on skin and brain. Harmful effects on children of eating fast food or junk food can result to aggressiveness, highly irritability and health hazards like obesity.[...]

  • Does Vitamin E Help in Eliminating Stubborn Scars
    Vitamin E For ScarsThe aesthetic appeal of an individual is becoming an increasingly important characteristic of his or her attributes and although not essential, making sure that you look your best is always something that is likely to give you an immense amount of confidence as well as self-assuredness[...]

  • Health Benefits of Fresh and Warm Lemon Water
    Nutritional Benefits of Lemon WaterPeople all over the world have been known to enhance the flavor of various dishes, by adding a dash of lemon juice to them. However, did you know that drinking some lemon water (a glass or a cup of water to which fresh lemon juice has[...]

  • Vitamin E Oil Benefits for Hair Growth, Skin, Face and Stretch Marks
    Vitamin E Oil Health BenefitsVitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin, which functions as an antioxidant. It is effective against unstable molecules or free radicals, thereby delaying the process of aging. Vitamin E oil is safe for humans and is topically applied over the skin. They delay the process of[...]

  • Cutting Cheese Intake - Nutritional and Calorific Values
    Cutting down cheese intake sharply Cheese is a concentrated source of a whole bunch of essential nutrients naturally found in milk. Cheese was one of types of food high on the ‘to avoid’ list in the past because of its high calories factor. Cheese, however, is nutritionally dense[...]

  • Health Benefits and Medicinal Uses of Vanilla
    Benefits of Vanilla Extracts Mayan and Aztec civilizations have known about the properties of vanilla for ages. They would grind fresh pods to create medicinal elixirs and use it as royal drinks. Today, this expensive spice is gaining more attention as studies suggest that the anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic[...]

  • Paleolithic Diet for Good Health and Ideal Body Weight
    Paleo Diet The paleo diet or Paleolithic diet, also commonly known as the Stone Age diet, caveman diet and hunter-gatherer diet, is as the name suggests a dietary regimen intended to replicate the diet of humans during the Paleolithic era. Humans living during the Paleolithic era that lasted[...]

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