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Thyroid Supplements

Hypothyroidism is a very common problem, affecting thousands of people around the world. People who are suffering from this problem generally undergo treatment, since there are several uncomfortable symptoms associated with it, such as weight gain, fatigue, weakness, hair loss, cramps, muscle pain, depression, irritability, bouts of memory loss, constipation, and so on. In most instances, the treatment of hypothyroidism includes medication, therapy, dietary changes as well as certain medical procedures. However, for some people thyroid supplements may also be recommended. There are many people who confuse a thyroid supplement with thyroid medication; however, both are different.

The main difference is that a natural thyroid supplement doesn’t contain the thyroid hormone. Therefore, as the name suggests, thyroid support supplements can be used to enhance medical thyroid treatment, not replace it. Combined with the right medication, lifestyle changes, therapies and home remedies, these thyroid gland supplements could help optimize the thyroid gland function to a great extent.

There are different types of thyroid supplements that can be suggested for people suffering from this condition.

Given below are some of the most commonly recommended thyroid supplements:

• Thyroid iodine supplements, which is the most highly recommended
• Thyroid selenium supplements
• Thyroid zinc supplements
• Thyroid multivitamin supplements
• Thyroid amino acid supplements

Thyroid supplements for weight loss

One of the main symptoms of an under active thyroid gland, i.e., hypothyroidism is excess weight gain. The treatments as well as the thyroid supplements are aimed at controlling the symptoms, including weight gain. However, one of the best ways to deal with the weight gain is by making a few dietary changes. There are certain foods that are regarded as natural thyroid supplements for weight loss, such as.

• Sweet potatoes
• Cabbage
• Rapeseed
• Lima beans
• Cauliflower
• Maize
• Brussels sprouts
• Broccoli
• Soy bean (limited quantities)
• Pearl millet (limited quantities)

Foods that are high in iodine are also good for thyroid patients. Hence, foods such as oatmeal, kelp, parsley, bananas, beetroot, potatoes, radish and fish are also beneficial.

The recommended dosage for each type of thyroid supplements differs, as some of them may be required in high quantities by a person. Before taking any type of supplements, including thyroid health supplements, it is important to check recommended doses, with a doctor. In fact, no supplement, including herbal thyroid supplements should be consumed without the prior approval of a health care provider.

Submitted on January 16, 2014