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St Johns Wort

With the increasing numbers of people moving from the rural to the suburban areas including the challenges of meeting the economical challenges, many people cannot just take these anxieties lightly. Depression becomes a plague that attack people regardless of social status, affecting the entire disposition and perspective of an individual. Moreover, depression is not just about the life’s condition but changes in seasons become a coercion triggering depression at the same time. This is the reason why there is something called bipolar depression. For others on the other hand, depression occurs because of the major life changes pulling one’s emotion to deeply succumb and withdraw forcing one to act differently.

Anxiety disorder usually occurs in a person’s mental state affecting his or her behavior mildly but leading to more complicated behaviors. A depressed person prefers to be isolated most of the time. Some of the behavioral changes he or she experiences start from altering his habits on sleeping, eating and losing grip on firm decision-making process. The obvious manifestations of anxiety disorders greatly affect the person’s behaviors and are usually caused by fears, extreme emotions and physiological changes.

For the economically challenged and media-surrounded society, anxiety depression treatment is widely sought-after. Some forms of anxiety disorders are panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder or the PTSD, social anxiety disorder or what is known to be the social phobia and the obsessive-compulsive disorder or OCD. These behaviors are sometimes unnoticed. However, for those who realize the need to treat these disorders, many people are now shifting from synthetic drug treatment to alternative or herbal and natural ways. The anxiety disorder cure is very possible with the advanced technological and scientific findings.

One of the hundreds of herbal plants widely acknowledged to its scientific contribution to medical discovery is St. Johns Wort. The plant has hyperforin and hypericin contents that alter the physical body’s tendency to respond to certain stimuli resulting to anxiety disorders. St. Johns Wort is claimed to have been a useful medicinal herb centuries ago, particularly for malaria, balm for healing wounds, insect bites, atopic dermitits or commonly known as eczema and burns. Further scientific studies indicate that this herb have active ingredient that prevents the brain nerve cells from absorbing too much protein the body, thus preventing anxiety disorder from recurring.

Lastly, this herbal plant is now cultivated for medicinal processing and through capsules or tea forms, many doctors are recommending the usage of St. Johns Wort for many cases of depression issues. Some of the possible side effects of using this alternative medicine are upset stomach, dizziness or headaches, feeling of exhaustion or discomfort. Aside from these minor and tolerable side effects, it is expected that the use of St. Johns Wort is beneficial for the majority of people who are suffering depressions. Take note however, of any intolerable and serious causes of taking St. Johns Wort either through capsules or tea. For further information about St. Johns Wort, you may choose to inquire with your physician on the scientific or medical benefits of the herb. Alternatively, you may opt to scout for valuable information online but make sure that the site is secured and legitimate.

Submitted on January 16, 2014