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Protein diet recipes    

A high protein diet menu is usually recommended by doctors and dieticians  to those who are into body building as it aids their efforts to lose fat and build up on  muscle instead. Protein diet plans are distinct for the various low carbohydrate diets that  are usually high in fats and are not calorie controlled. Protein diets are also debated  upon in the medical circle as they tend to have a major effect and actually contribute towards  the onset of various chronic diseases such as cancer, osteoporosis and heart disease. Many of the protein rich foods such as meats also tend to have a high level of fat which may further aggravate these medical conditions and cause minor ailments  such as ketosis and kidney stones as well. One of the important protein diet tips is to  be very careful while substituting  high protein foods for healthier foods as the individual may accidentally  reduce their intake of vital minerals and nutrients such as iron.
Most of the protein diet recipes containing foods that are low in fiber  which may cause discomfort and may also disrupt ones bowel movements if  additional roughage is not added to the diet which is required to form stools. Most protein diet recipes will contain foods such as peanuts, soybeans, chicken breast, steak, tuna, whey protein  isolate etc. A protein rich diet also helps one to lose weight besides giving the individual energy to perform better. Proteins are required for the healthy growth and development of the skeletal structure of the body  and they are also known to kill the carbohydrates which in turn reduces the fluid content in the body. Similarly there are also plenty of low protein diets which are designed in such a manner that they tend to form substances called ketones in the  body of the individual  and then release these ketones into the blood stream. This results in a process called ketosis  which basically refers to the appetite of the individual diminishing. Whey is one of the common ingredients used in plenty of protein shake diet recipes which is a natural protein obtained from cow’s milk. Whey contains plenty of amino acids  which provides the body with the necessary proteins minus  the cholesterol or fat.  Turkey is another lean meat that barely contains any fat and hence I used as part of plenty of protein diet plans. Turkey is usually recommended as part of a main meal, in sandwiches or even in soup. One of the dangers and side effects of a high protein diet is that  the body tends to starve itself and will hence  try and use the sugars and fats  that are stored  in the various organs of the body. Although this process in the short term will result in the loss of weight but in the long run will result in harmful side effects such as constipation, fatigue, low calcium levels and low blood pressure. Fatigue is usually experienced by the individual on a high protein diet somewhere in the afternoon or early evening when the body has use dup most of its energy. This happened because the body is lacking in sugars. The levels of calcium will also decrease drastically in those who are on a high protein diet as the body is not getting sufficient carbohydrates to convert into energy  which may also result in the person suffering from arthritis and bone loss in the long run. Most people take up a protein diet to maintain muscles or to help build muscles if the individual is dieting and also exercising. However like any diet it is essential to first consult a doctor.

Submitted on January 16, 2014