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Abs diet recipes
The Abs diet is designed in such a way that it claims to advise people on the 12supposedly power foods which are the corner stone of the Abs diet. According to the author of the Abs diet book, in order to get ideal abs the dieters should have abs diet meals that focus on increasing the intake of protein and also building muscle  which in turn will  cause the body to burn more calories. Abs diet power recipes have gained in popularity not only for the aesthetic value of abs wherein one looks more appealing but also because of their ability to prevent various chronic illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes. The abs diet plan basically requires the individuals  to plan on having six meals in a day  of which  almost two to three  of the abs diet foods should for part of  the three main meals.
According to the abs diet consumption of foods from the power foods list should automatically reduce the intake of calories which in turn prevents weight gain as the choice of foods that the abs diet allows  mostly allows lean foods. Abs diet chicken recipes will also usually include plenty of fruits and vegetables along with an increased intake of water.
A typical abs diet will also require the individual to consume some abs  diet smoothies and shakes that may either serve as a complete meal or as a supplement till the next meal. These shakes and smoothies are full of vitamins and minerals e through natural foods or artificial supplements.
An ideal abs diet along with recommending various abs diet foods and abs diet recipes will also require the individual to start practicing strengthen training exercises  at least thrice a week which would typically include abs exercises on two days and some aerobic exercises for two to three days a week. Some of the typical abs diet foods are legumes and beans, spinach, almonds, nuts, green vegetables, whey, lean meats etc. The best kind of nuts for any of the abs diet recipes are almonds besides other nuts and seeds that are also recommended such as avocadoes, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds etc. One should also eat whole grain cereals and bread as these foods are rich in fibers  whereas foods like polished rice and corn meal are not conducive to the development of abs as they tend to be very high in carbohydrates. Additionally one may also include beans in various abs diet recipes as all types of beans are known to be rich I proteins, fiber and iron which are required to lose weight and to build muscles. Those who would want to continue having dairy products as part of their daily food should instead switch to low fat or fat free dairy products including yogurt and ice cream.
One should also have plenty of olive oil as part of the abs diet recipes as olive oil will help one burn fat and also keep the individual full which in turn controls the food cravings. Abs diet meals should also include instant oat meal that should be unflavored or in sweetened as oatmeal is known  to be a rich source of soluble fiber which is excellent for those who would want to lose weight and also develop abs. Another on of the abs diet foods that is highly recommended for those who want to build their muscle mass is egg protein . Additionally eggs are also a good source of vitamin B 12 which are required for breaking fat and thereby preventing the accumulation of fat. Similarly lean meats such as fish, chicken and turkey are also recommended to improve the body’s immune system and build muscle.

Submitted on January 16, 2014