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Healthy diet plans



People always need to consume a healthy, well balanced and nutritious diet to help get them through a day while avoiding the feeling of excessive tiredness, fatigue, drop in energy levels and even depression. Healthy eating the right kinds of food is particularly essential in the case of pregnant mothers, nursing mothers, toddlers and growing children who are still in the process of developing. These people need to ensure that are always eating the healthy foods that help in providing them with the essential vitamins and the essential nutrients for the development of the bones and the other parts of the body in the very young. Even pregnant woman should eat the correct healthy foods that are particularly vital for the fetus’s development. Adequate water intake of about 8 glasses in a day is also required to help the human body digest the food and prevent dehydration.

The healthy diet menus should include whole grains, lean protein, fruits, cereals and plenty of vegetables on a regular basis. Avoiding foods which are high in sodium and that are low in oil is also a recommendation that most dieticians make. The low calorie meal plans stress the importance of avoiding foods like crisps, chips and other kinds of fried foods that are unhealthy. Another requirement of healthy eating is avoiding foods that are packaged, tinned and refrigerated. These food products usually contain preservatives and other flavorings which are beneficial and should be avoided. Healthy eating proponents recommend eating fresh fruits and vegetables as much as possible. It is also essential that one try and consume an adequate amount of fiber in their daily diets. This can be maintained by eating plenty of vegetables and fruits in their fresh state. It is preferable to eat the fruits as compared to drinking the juice made from the fruits which may at times not contain any fiber. Eating a healthy, balanced and nutritious breakfast every morning is essential to start the day well. Some of the great breakfast healthy meals include protein shakes. These provide the nutrients one needs in a power packed shake and is ideal for growing children and even for those who lead busy lives. Athletes and other sports persons are also recommended to follow these diets to help in providing them with the energy and nutrients they need to give them the stamina required. The addition of nuts to one’s daily diet is vital. Cashews, almonds, pistachios, walnuts, raisins, peanuts and ground nuts arte all found to be a rich source of nutrients and vitamins. These can be added to one’s daily diet in the salads that one eats or in the shakes one drinks. Try making a healthy fresh salad with lettuce leaves and other greens like spinach. To this one can add some baby tomatoes and some lean meats. Adding a dash of lemon juice can help in providing one with the Vitamin C that is essential in healing damaged skin and for good skin. Whole wheat bread and cereals is another great addition for a healthy breakfast. Almond butter added to a sandwich of fresh vegetables can help in making a nutritious and tasty breakfast snack. Try making a healthy meal by simply heating up a sauce pan and adding to this some olive oil. Next proceed to break about 3 to 4 eggs in to a large bowl. Add to this a couple of mashed bananas, dash of salt, some pepper and some fresh thyme. Whisk these ingredients in a blender and then proceed to pour this batter into the heated pan. These form a delicious and very nutritious snack for children which can be had with a dash of honey. 

Submitted on January 16, 2014