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Speedy Weight Loss with Walking

In order to increase weight-loss, you will have to increase the number of minutes that you walk everyday. Don’t delay weight loss when just walking will make your figure look great.

Diet-Step Plan –1, Lose 1 Additional Pound every 20days--
In this plan you will have to walk 1/2hr everyday or one hour every alternate day, at a brisk pace of 3mph. So you will burn approximately 350 calories every hour that you walk.
  1. Walk 1/2hr daily x 350calories/hour = 175 calories burned everyday.
  2. Walk 3 ½ hours per week x 350calories/hour = 1,225 calories burned per week.
  3. Walk 10hours every 20days x 350 calories/hour = 3,500 calories burned or 1 pound of weight lost every 20days.
  4. From this walking plan you will lose 1 additional pound every 20days or 1 ½pounds every month.
Diet-Step Plan 2, Lose 1 Additional Pound every 10Days--
Here you are required to walk 1hour everyday of the week, burning 350 calories/hour at a brisk pace of 3mph. So @ 350cal/hour you will be burning 3,500 calories or 1 pound of additional weight every 10days. And so you can lose 3 extra pounds within a month.

Diet-Step Plan 3, Lose 1 Additional Pound Every Week--
For people who want to lose weight even faster, walk 45minutes twice daily.
By walking 1 ½ hours each day of the week you can burn 525 calories each day or 3,675 calories per week. You will lose a pound a week accordingly, with 175 extra calories to spare. You can divide 1½ hours of daily walking into three 30mins sessions. This plan will enable you to lose 1 additional pound every week or 4 extra pounds a month.

Remember, Do not forget to weigh yourself before calculating how many calories burned walking.
Submitted on January 16, 2014