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Oolong Tea For Weight Loss

A lot of researches have established that using oolong tea for weight loss can help you speed up your weight loss goals. Oolong tea is extracted from Camellia Sinensis, an aromatic flowering plant. The plant is most well-known for its healing chemicals and properties known as the polyphenols. These polyphenols include antioxidants known as flavonoids. These antioxidants can improve your overall health so that your metabolism is fast enough to help you lose weight fast.
Antioxidants also improve your stamina so that you have enough energy to perform high intensity exercises that can help you burn fat and lose weight. Oolong tea leaves are oxidized after being picked. This helps keep the cellular structure intact so that the body can benefit from the flavonoids. This way you can use oolong tea for burning calories efficiently. When you burn fat with oolong tea, you can rest assured that you are not in danger of experiencing any side effects. Oolong tea intake for weight reduction is popular; however, some people prefer to use green tea to reduce weight. It should be noted that oolong tea is very different from green tea. The two teas are processed in different manners, and this can affect their nutritional status.

How Does Oolong Benefit In Weight Loss

There are two main reasons for drinking oolong tea for reducing weight. The antioxidants and phytochemicals in oolong tea can help increase your energy expenditure and also inhibit absorption of fat and carbohydrates. Both these qualities make them an ideal food for weight loss. Oolong tea is known to reduce weight by encouraging burning of fat. A recent Chinese study has shown that regular consumption of oolong tea can help you reduce weight consistently. Regular consumption of the tea can also help you maintain your health, along with a healthy metabolism and weight. Even the US Agriculture Research Services’ Diet and Human Laboratory recommends consumption of oolong tea for weight loss. The tea can be used to prepare various decoctions and beverages, all of which can help you improve weight loss. Even within a span of 24 hours, oolong tea can help speed up your metabolism and your basal metabolic rate. Meanwhile, the antioxidants in the tea can also improve your overall health. In the research, it was observed that every day that the participants consumed oolong tea, they were able to burn about 67 calories more than they generally did. Fat oxidation is also increased by almost 12% when oolong tea is consumed with caffeinated water.

Types Of Oolong Tea To Reduce Weight

When it comes to the different types of oolong tea, the three major ways in which oolong tea is prepared is full strength, caffeinated water with full strength oolong tea, and low strength oolong tea with non-caffeinated water. All of these are extremely beneficial for those who are planning to lose some weight. These are usually available in their raw forms, but you can prepare them in the manner that you most desire. All of these have weight loss properties, though these properties may differ from one another. Most of the times, the full strength tea prepared with full caffeinated water can be the most beneficial for weight loss purposes. However, not everyone feels comfortable consuming such high strength tea as it can be quite bitter. On the other hand, you can also consume a low strength oolong tea with non-caffeinated water several times a day to have a weight loss effect close to what you would achieve by drinking full strength tea. While you may also use the oolong tea to prepare a cold beverage, most people refrain from doing so because the weight loss benefits are most when you drink the tea as a hot beverage. Oolong tea is often scented with jasmine flowers. While this does not have any special effects on the nutritional value of the tea, it certainly does enhance its taste.

Precautions While Consuming Oolong Tea:

Although oolong tea is considered very healthy due to the large amounts of antioxidants it contains, it also contains a large amount of caffeine that can cause side effects. While small quantities of oolong tea should not cause any problems, drinking more than five cups a day could get you more caffeine than is healthy for your body. The side effects from drinking too much caffeine could range from mild headaches, dizziness and nervousness to sleep apnea, vomiting, nausea and arrhythmias. More severe side effects include severe heartburn, tremors, ringing in the ears, confusion, and even convulsions. Practice certain precautions while consuming oolong tea so that you can avoid getting any side effects of the condition. Most dieticians suggest you should not drink more than 2 cups of oolong tea in a day. Women, who are pregnant or are breastfeeding, should not consume oolong tea as it can cause birth defects. If breastfeeding women consume caffeine, it may pass into the breast milk and cause developmental defects in the infant. It may also cause frequent bowel movements in nursing babies. Men and women, who have high blood pressure, diabetes, bleeding disorders, and anxiety disorders, should also avoid consuming oolong tea.

Submitted on January 16, 2014