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Lose Weight and Live Longer

Walking burns calories, which helps to prevent and control obesity along with a whole lot of other diseases. It boosts the immune system by producing chemicals that do everything to ward-off colds to preventing cancer. It also decreases stress and strain and provides mental relaxation. Walking keeps the lungs and respiratory muscles in good working order and prevents chronic lung disorders. Above all it helps prevent premature and mature death.
It is proved that walkers live 10-15years more than their inactive counterparts. An exercise like walking throughout life promotes health and longevity. And it is never too late to start up a regular exercise program.

Too much food and too little exercise, leads to obesity and cardiovascular disease. And weight reduction improves life expectancy. The combined effect of obesity, hypertension and heart enlargement may eventually lead to heart failure and death. Obesity also leads to the shoot up of blood sugar and develops diabetes; kidney stones are formed and there are attacks of gout. And obesity itself is an independent risk factor for coronary heart disease. Walking can reduce a sticky protein called amyloidal, which can clog the brains cells and cause mental decline and Alzheimer’s in aged people.

To live a longer, healthier life all you have to do is follow a simple high-fiber, low-fat, lean protein diet and follow a regular, aerobic walking exercise program everyday. Once you start this regime you will never grow too old to continue it.
Submitted on January 16, 2014