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How to diet

An individual trying to lose even a kilogram of body weight will actually need to burn almost 7000 calories.  If the desire or need is to reduce an individual’s fat then their main requirement will be to reduce their calorie intake first. One can start by losing or reducing at least 500 calories; however at no point should they allow their count to drop below the regulated and stipulated calorie maintenance level. For those that have to only reduce a very small amount of their own weight, then even just a 1000 calories may be to large. The actual recommended level of calorie intake per day for women is said to be 1200 calories while the calorie intake per day for men is 1800 calories. These maintained calorie levels are still considered to be on the minimal side by some of the dieticians.
How to lose weight is an often enough asked question. There are various websites and groups that simply cater to helping people lose weight. For any healthy weight loss regime it is necessary to do the correct mix of diet plans, healthy diet menus, weight control and also lesser calorie intake which is in conjunction with a continuous routine of healthy exercise. Initially one should do exercise for at least half an hour on a regular basis or for at least thrice to four times in a week for these half an hour intervals.

A novice to exercise should generally start off on a slower and more methodical basis and then start to raise their workout time. Exercise can be done in the form of walking, dancing, and jogging. Pilates, skipping, swimming are also some other great fun ways to lose weight. One can join a class, gym or even a group to help them keep up the motivation levels and the momentum that is required to sustain these exercise routines. Exercise like yoga, Pilates, kick –boxing, gymnastics, aerobics, are beneficial also in giving the human body the toned, muscled and healthy look which is usually desired. It is required that one also follow a balanced diet of carbohydrates,, protein vitamins etc to arrive at the right weight loss.
There are various kinds of diet recipes that are available to help one in losing weight and maintain that loss too. Some of these diet recipes and diet menus can be obtained from a dietician or from various health websites. Eating plenty of salads and homemade soups is a great way of keeping one’s weight down. Some great and healthy salad recipes include making grapefruit and avocado salad. Some other salads can be made with fresh greens like lettuce leaves, spinach boiled, baby tomatoes, corn and olives to taste. One should avoid using salad dressings that are heavy on the mayo and the oil base. If one must cook in oil then using olive oil is advisable. Making drinks at home like carrot juice or sweet and sour mango juice that is made from raw mangoes or tomato juice are some great ways to avoid drinking aerated drinks and drinks out of a can.

When on a weight loss program it is also advisable to avoid drinking alcohol and smoking too much. One should stick to eating fresh fruits and vegetables as much as possible. These can be combined with lean meats and fish to help one in getting the protein they need to make up a balanced and nutritious diet. There are various other diet programs that one can follow like a detoxification diet plan or a raw food diet plan or even a vegan diet plan.

Submitted on September 23, 2010