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Green Tea For Weight Loss

Daily consumption of Green tea helps in weight reduction due to a process called thermo genesis, where fat stored in the body is burnt. There is no harmful cardiovascular side effect’s associated with it. Studies have shown that daily consumption of 2 cups of green tea, increased basal metabolic rate by 4% over a 24hour period.

If you are a regular tea drinker and have suffered no ill effects, than 2 cups of green tea a day may help in weight loss. But keep away from pills or extracts, claimed to-be made from green tea. People suffering from diabetes, blood pressure and heart disease should consult their physician before using it.

Green tea is tasty and chemical compounds in it are known to fight various infections and lower cholesterol and B.P., prevents diabetes and provides protection against certain forms of cancer.

People who consumed 1-2 cups of tea daily more than a year reduced risk of hypertension by 65%.       

Green tea for weight loss:

While green tea originated from China as a beverage, its medicinal benefits are now widely acknowledged. Antioxidants in green tea can slow down the aging process. Some studies have shown that green tea can fight stomach and lung cancer as it contains a cancer-fighting component ECGC (flavonoid epigall ocatechin gallate). Other studies have shown that green tea contains strong antibacterial properties.

Moreover, green tea for weight loss has gained huge popularity in recent times. So, is green tea good for weight loss and how does it work? Let us find out:

•   The same component that fights cancer can also help with weight loss. Caffeine and ECGC in green tea are responsible for weight loss. The ECGC promotes faster fat oxidation while the caffeine may acts as an appetite suppressant. Constant drinking of green tea may keep you feeling full and thus allow you to eat small meal portions without feeling hungry.
•   Green tea for weight loss works as it boosts your metabolism.
•   Green tea for weight loss helps by regulating blood sugar levels. In individuals suffering from diabetes and obesity, green tea can reduce sweet cravings.
•   Without proper exercise, most of the energy in our body gets converted into fat. Polyphenols in green tea affect the way our body cells store fat. Drinking green tea for weight loss can help as it blocks this process and discourages the absorption of fat directly into the bloodstream. It acts as an effective fat burner.

Drinking green tea for weight loss will also help to keep you hydrated. However avoid excessive consumption of green tea if you are prone to water retention. Green tea extracts and green tea supplements usually use lower grade of green tea leaves. Organic stores will supply good quality brewing green tea for weight loss either loose or in tea bags.

Another frequently asked question is how much green tea for weight loss should you consume? Most experts reckon that drinking a few cups of tea per day should help you reap the benefits of green tea for weight loss. Drinking green tea will not make you lose weight faster. However, drinking green tea over a length of time will help you regulate your weight loss. Do not expect any quick fixes though. Also, be warned that green tea for weight loss is not enough. A well-balanced diet and regular exercise is essential to lose weight. Lastly, any excess consumption of green tea will rarely lead to side effects as it will be excreted by the body.

Submitted on January 16, 2014