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Fast Food Tips to prevent high BP and stroke

Most fast foods make us fatter. They are high in calories, saturated fats and sodium. They lead to buildup of fat in arteries causing heart attacks, strokes and high B.P.

The Worst –

  1. When you order a meal of large fries, double cheeseburger and a large coke. It contains approximately 2,000 calories (which should be the total number of calories consumed in one day); 100gms of fat of which 40gms are saturated fat and 1,500mg of sodium (it is 3-4 times the amount of fat and salt that should be consumed in a day).
  2. Approximately 700 calories, 40gms fat (15gms of saturated fat) and 2,000mg of sodium are the compositions of fried fish sandwiches.
  3. Almost 800 calories, 40gms fat (25gms saturated fat) are the compositions of a chocolate milkshake.
  4. Fried chicken or a chicken Frankie with cheese and sauce contain 700 calories, 44gms fat (12gms saturated fat) and 2,000mg of sodium.
  5. There are 200 calories in a large coke.
  6. Approximately 1,300 calories, 80gms fat (25gms saturated fat) and 2,500mg of sodium are present in Nachos with cheese and sour cream.
  7. Large fries contain 600 calories, 20gm fat (12gms saturated fat).
  8. Two pieces of pizza with extra cheese and meat contain 800 calories, 40gms fat (15gms saturated fat) and 2,000mg sodium.

The Best –

  1. Skip fries, order diet coke and a single hamburger without cheese or sauce. Add onion, tomato and lettuce with non-fat mayo.
  2. Order a grilled chicken Caesar salad with fat-free herb or a grilled chicken sandwich without mayo.
  3. Soft chicken taco without sauce.
  4. To large plain salad, you can add grilled chicken and even fat-free dressing.
  5. If you crave for French fries order for the smallest, share it with somebody or after eating half of it, throw the remaining away.
  6. You can eat Roast beef sandwich minus the sauce.
  7. Add fresh vegetables to the pizza instead of extra cheese and meat.
  8. Small vegetable chilly without cheese is also a good choice.

Fast foods are a convenient option when it comes to your diet on days when your schedule is too tight to allow for any time to spend making a healthy and nutritious meal.
Because of the fact that most of us lead very hectic and fast paced lifestyles, there is an increasing tendency to rely on fast foods as a regular source of nutrition. However, despite the fact that most of these foods are very tasty, they lack any of the vitamins and nutrients that the body requires to be able to function optimally.
However, opposed to common belief, following a well planned fast food diet can actually have some very beneficial effects on the health status of your body. The fast food diet is a diet plan that has been developed over a period of time by dieticians that have studied the way the body deals with fast food intake and helping you use that science to get the best out of regular fast food consumption. The fast food diet plan was developed in order to help those addicted to fast food deal with their inherent desire to consume fast food products.

The focus of a good fast food diet is to make sure that you pay close attention to the types of fast foods that you consume and restrain yourself in certain situations. For instance, the healthy fast food diet plans will allow you to eat baked potatoes and grilled chicken sandwiches as long as you stay away from fried potato chips and soda filled cola drinks. The main principles of the diet plan revolve around recommending that you absorb about 1500 calories on a daily basis through the various types of foods that you eat and then make sure you trim down on at least about 250 calories by walking for a mile. If you are serious about weight loss, you should speak to a dietician to help draw up a fast food diet plan that suits your lifestyle as well as your fast food cravings and make sure to follow it strictly.

These diet plans are known to be very effective and can help you lose as much as about 50 pounds in a single year – which is considerable given the fact that you are still allowed to consume fast foods. To make things simpler when you choose to undergo a fast food diet, there are also a number of rather effective recipes and diet plans such as the taco bell fast food diet and other healthy fast food diets that are available on the internet. These diet plans will also explicitly list what to eat at a fast food and how much of it to eat so that you avoid crossing over a line that will make it significantly harder for you to lose weight. The fact that most of these recipes can be made in under about 15 minutes means that they are very convenient because of the ease of preparation. This assures that you are able to save up on time as well as eat healthy.
Submitted on January 16, 2014