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Beware of The Hidden Fats

All that we need is 1Tbsp of polyunsaturated fat each day, but we eat 6-8 times more than that. Most of the fat in our diet unfortunately goes unnoticed. Hidden fats are found in chocolates, ice cream, nuts, deep fried foods, hard cheeses, creamed soups, instant meals, whipped toppings, snack foods, processed foods such as pies, cakes and cookies and processed meats like hot dogs.

While shopping always check the ingredients on the label before buying. Remember that the ingredients are listed in order of their weight, so avoid buying foods where oil or fat precedes flour content. Trans fats (bad fats) are sometimes not mentioned on the labels.


Whipped margarine and butter; contain less fat than the regular ones.
The new softer spreads that are labeled oil-free contain no trans fats and are better.

Dairy Products

Low fat or skim milk, low fat yogurt and cottage cheese is better than any other milk product. Sour cream and sweet cream are both high in fat content. Non-fat ice cream and frozen yogurt contain less fat than ice cream and milk shakes. Buttermilk is also a good option.


Salads prepared from herbs and spices, with a little limejuice are low in fat. Olive oil and new non-fat salad dressings are preferable.


Clear broth and soup made with vegetables, noodles, beans are better than heavy stock soups or creamed soups.


Heavily marbled cuts of meat and processed meats are highest in fat contents. Always broil or grill meat, never fry them. Avoid gravies and cream sauces.


Sardines in oil and many forms of smoked fish are high in fat content. Fresh fish like sole, haddock, cod, halibut; flounder are considerably less in fat. Shellfish if used in moderation will not raise blood cholesterol.


Skin of poultry should be discarded before cooking, and it should be preferably broiled or grilled.


Vegetables can be substituted for proteins because of their protein content. Bean curd, dried beans, kidney beans, lentils, legumes and split peas are good sources of protein.

Baked Goods

Biscuits, butter rolls, croissants, cookies, cakes, chocolates or cream and muffins are high in fat. Bread sticks, rice cakes, French or Italian breads and English muffins are low in fat.

Submitted on January 16, 2014