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Best Time to Exercise

Many people consider exercise program worthless, because they will never be able to achieve those perfect bodies. Some imagine it to be harder and complicated than what it is. Others consider it more painful than gainful. So they give up before actually starting the exercises. Exercise can actually be fun, easy to follow and easy to continue.
The Diet-Step 20Minute Plan has been devised keeping all the factors in mind.

It Takes Longer To Get Out Of Shape Then It Does To Get Into Shape –
Our body is wonderful and it holds onto the fitness gains, long after we have stopped exercising. Missing exercises a few days or weeks in a month should not bother you much when you have been conditioned physically, regularly. Majority of the people lose muscle-strength at about one-half the rate at which they gained it. So if you have been following Diet-Step for 3months and have to discontinue for whatever reason, it would take around 6months for the body to return its pre-training state.

What’s The Best Time To Do The Step –?
Any time of the day is convenient for walking. But here are some pros and cons of exercising at various times of the day according to fitness experts.
  1. Morning – Getting out of bed, getting rushed to work or home responsibilities are a few disruptions. But these early risers stick to their exercise plans for a long time, and there is always the feeling of having accomplished your exercise early in the day.
  2. Afternoon – Between 2-3p.m. in the noon most individuals feel lag of energy, which maybe due to the lunch that they had. Walking at that time perks you up for several hours. But remember not to skip lunch or do not exercise immediately after a meal. Walking for 20mins and then eating a light lunch is convenient and boosts your energy level for the rest of the day.
  3. Evening – During late afternoon or early evening breathing is easier as airways open wider, joints and muscles are most flexible and muscle strength increases. This is an ideal time for exercise, unless you had a difficult day and you are dead tired. But never exercise near bedtime as it may affect your sleep.   
Submitted on September 4, 2008