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11 day diet

The human body is made up of bones, organs, muscle tissue and fat. These all contribute to the weight of an individual. The bones and organs cannot truly be modified by an individual to reduce weight. One therefore needs to focus on muscle mass and body fat. The modern urban lifestyle tends to feature very little physical exercise, while food and drink continue to be consumed in the same way as before.
In fact, some studies suggest that the easy availability of restaurant food adds even more to the calorie intake that a normal person might have. This combination of a poor lifestyle and poor diet is responsible for many people being unfit and for many people being overweight.

The term overweight is used to describe an individual who weighs more than the range of weight that is considered to be healthy for a person of that age, height and sex. The correct weight for an individual has been calculated based on studies related to the ideal percentage of body fat that an individual should have. It should be noted that some individuals will be on the higher side of the range while others are on the lower side of the range even if they appear to be similarly built. Small variations can be ignored; it is those people who are far above their normal weight who need to take immediate action. There are many different types of diets that an individual can follow to lose weight. Most diets are based on crash dieting and are generally not good for the long term health of an individual. A recent development is that of the 11 day diet.
The 11 day diet is a diet that prescribes food for an individual for a period of 11 days. The individual is then allowed a period of 3 days to eat normally like before. The diet may then be resumed for another 11 days. This process can go on and on until the person has reached his or her desired weight. Instead of reducing food intake, the 11 day diet actually increases food consumption. The 11 day diet menu consists of a range of different foods that are designed to increase the metabolism rate. Metabolism is the process where nutrition is broken down in order to produce energy. Some people have a naturally faster rate of metabolism while others have a naturally slow rate of metabolism. People with a faster rate of metabolism tend to put on weight less easily than people with a slow rate of metabolism.

11 day diets should be attempted only by individuals who are otherwise healthy and do not have any underlying medical condition. When commencing the diet, one should also check for any of the recommended foods containing substances to which one is allergic. The 11 day diet features a diet generator that uses various different aspects of an individual’s physical makeup to prepare a diet for that individual.

Along with a modification of the diet the 11 day weight loss diet recommends a small amount of physical exercise. People who are using the diet are expected to undertake at least 30 minutes of walking. This burns some of the excess energy in the body and also helps to tone up the leg muscles.

The 11 day diet is an effective method to lose weight. One should note that all diets have varied results from individual to individual. There is no guarantee that any diet is going to work for a particular person. The individual undertaking the diet should monitor his or her health to make sure that there is no side effect from following a particular diet.

Submitted on January 16, 2014