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Potato Calories

Potato calories depend on the way the potato has been cooked and the other ingredients which are added to it like the calories in a potato chip will be a lot more than in plain boiled mashed potatoes.  Given below is a list of potato dishes and the caloric content in them. Potatoes which are steamed or boiled and are either peeled or with the peel make very little difference in the caloric content. There are approximately 258 calories in a potato of 4” diameter. A large baked potato would contain around 278 calories; a mashed potato which is made at home which is of 210 grams and has some milk and butter would have 237 calories in a cupful of it; a plain boiled potato would have 150 calories in the same quantity; roasted potatoes of 200 grams quantity would have 300 calories. So it is not the potato which is fattening but it is the manner in which it is cooked and what is added to it which increases or decreases the calories.

Potato calories per ounce:

There are 26 potato calories per ounce in a baked one, which means 26 calories in a potato with skin. In each 100 grams of potatoes which are cooked differently the caloric content differs. A plain 100 gram baked potato with no salt and which has been peeled would have 93 calories; potato crunches 200 calories; sauteed potatoes 120 calories; a salad made of 100 grams potatoes 115 calories; fried potato ships 270 calories; waffles 200 calories; roasted potato 150 calories; mashed potato 108 calories, boiled potato 80 calories and a raw potato would be just 70 calories.

To keep the caloric content low in potatoes it is best to add as little or no butter and cheese or any other dressing to it. A potato itself has few calories and has a lot of nutritional value too which is essential for the body and should not be cut out of the diet completely.

Calories in a potato

Calories in a potato are the same as the calories in a potato without skin. What makes a difference is the recipe which means the ingredients which are added to the potato while cooking it. A potato is an energy giving vegetable and if it is not doused in oil is a healthy meal. While trying to make a tasty dish with it and either deep frying it or baking it with a lot of cream and cheese is what makes for all the extra calories and fat which are unhealthy. The potato contains a good quantity of fiber which is good for the digestive system. While having potatoes in a meal one can eliminate other carbohydrates like bread and rice as these will only add to the calories.

Potato calories 1 cup:

A cupful of steamed or boiled potatoes has around 136 calories whereas the same quantity of mashed potatoes to which a little butter and milk has been added would go up to 237 calories. To keep the calories down in potato dish it is best to avoid adding ingredients to it which would increase the caloric value. Potato calories 1 cup would be at the lowest if they are just boiled or steamed without any thing added to them.

Potato calories and nutrition

Potato calories and nutrition in a single serving would be 0.71 g % of protein, 0.33 g of sugar, 0.6 grams of dietary fiber, 5.99 grams of total carbohydrates, 152 mg of potassium, 3 grams of sodium, 0.6 grams of total fat and 26 calories. Potatoes are almost the staple diet of a person inmost places in the world as they are filling and cheap. The ordinary potato can be made in several different forms and is a versatile tuber. Adding other vegetables and meats to it while making a dish increases the nutrients in to the potato. Potatoes on their own also have certain nutrients which are not found in other vegetables. Many people avoid it because they feel it is a food which will make them put on weight, but this is not true if it is cooked the right way for someone who is counting calories.

Potatoes are a rich source of vitamin C and of vitamin B6. They also provide manganese, potassium and copper. Eating the potato with the skin has more food value than after peeling it as there are several nutrients in the skin.
Chlorogenic acid which is an anti carcinogenic compound is present in the potato skin. This acid assists the fiber in potatoes to absorb the carcinogens which are formed in grilled foods. Adding potatoes to the grilled dishes is good for health as this is a safety factor which fights off cancer causing matter in grilled foods. Vitamin B6 which is present in the skin of potatoes helps to prevent nausea. Blood pressure is controlled with the potassium content in the potato. Though most diabetics avoid this tuber it is beneficial to their health as it is a rich source of vitamin C which regulates the sugar levels. It also maintains stable sugar levels in the blood because it is a complex carbohydrate.

Potato calories by weight:

Counting the potato calories by weight or the potato calories raw does not help as it is the method of cooking it which raises the calories in the dish. This tuber belongs to the night shade family or the Solanaceae family. Other vegetables which belong to this family are tomatillos, eggplants, peppers and tomatoes. Instead of counting the calories of just the potato and eliminating it from one’s daily diet it is better to try and burn up the calories to avoid weight gain but include this vegetable in one’s diet for its health benefits. One could always avoid a slice of white bread and instead add a boiled potato to their menu which has a lot more food value than the white bread.

Submitted on January 16, 2014